Over 30 Great Events In Kingston in June 2018

June promises to be an amazing month in YGK.

If you’re a sports fan you won’t want to miss House of Hardcore which takes place at the beginning of the month in Napanee. We’ve also got Ken Shamrock coming to town and the Monster Spectacular.

It’s the return of great annual events such as the Cannonball Crush, YGK Craft Beer Fest and the Italian Festival.

Later in the month we see the return of great weekly events such as Music in the Park and Movies in the Square.

We of course have the Skeleton Park Arts Festival, Chill on the Hill Music Fest and great live music all week long at bars in Kingston.

Here’s a listing of our featured events this month:

May 2018 Events in Kingston

May 2018 is upon us, and with it comes a good selection of events.

It’s not the busiest months but that’s okay – June through September are usually crazy in YGK, so it’s nice to have a bit of a more relaxed month as the weather sorts itself out before things go crazy!

We’ve got the Juvenis Festival and the Limestone Genre Expo, Dirty Dancing and Theory of a Deadman, Jimmy Carr and some great plays such as One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and The Addams Family.

Here’s a look at Kingston in May:

Annual Events / Festivals:

Live Music:

Arts, Theatre, Comedy:


Over 30 Amazing April Events in Kingston!

Hopefully the weather in April is a bit better in YGK so you don’t have to take an umbrella with you while trying out all these great events.

April in Kingston has a lot of great events. There’s lots of sales, theatre performances, shows featuring Hacksaw Jim Duggn and Roseanne Barr, the Craft Beer Festival, the Junevis Festival and the Just for Laughs Roadshow.

Here’s a list of all of the featured events taking place in Kingston in April 2018:

30+ Mammoth March 2018 Kingston Events

March is a big month in Kingston as the weather (hopefully) gets a bit better. Not the best start to the month for that of course!

We’ve got great comedy with Letterkenny Live and great annual events like King Con 2018, Comic Con and the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

As the regular season nears a close the Frontenacs are in action quite a lot over the month and there’s a lot of great March break events plus St Paddys Day events.

Here’s March in #ygk:

30+ Fantastic February Events in Kingston

Despite the cold weather, February 2018 is just an amazing month to live in #ygk.

We’ve got Film Festivals, Antique Shows, great concerts, the month long Feb Fest, Lumina Borealis, Dragons Den Auditions, Family Day, great comedy and soooo much more.

You’ll be putting all that heavy winter clothing to good use this month that’s for sure.

Here’s the highlights of this incredible month:

Notable Events in Kingston in January 2018

Welcome to the listing of all of the featured events taking place in Kingston in January.

I’m personally looking forward to the very first Ice Cold Comedy Festival and hope this is the first of many!

There’s a bridal show, an 8k resolution run, some great theatre, lots of excellent live music and so much more.

It’ll be a cold month but worth going out!

Here’s the most notable events in #YGK in January 2018:

What’s Happening in Kingston in December 2017

With the cold weather and Christmas/New Years, December isn’t the biggest month for events in Kingston.

However it’s still a great time of the year with a lot of great Christmas themed events such as Snow Much Fun in the Square, and the Shop After Dark event.

Chinlock Wrestling are running a charity wrestling shot that’s not to be missed. Trust us on this it’s a great cause AND a great evening out. Even if you aren’t a fan of wrestling you’ll get into this event.

Here’s the main events going on in Kingston in December 2017:

25+ Notable November Events in Kingston

If you’re a fan of music or theatre, November 2017 in Kingston is going to be a good time for you.

There’s a wide variety of great music peformances taking place in Kingston this month. We’ve got our usual great local bands such as The Stares performing(check the Live Music Round-Up for all of those) but then we’ve got shows like Elton John, Classic Albums Live and STOMP.

Here’s the listing of 25+ Notable November Events taking place in Kingston:

20+ Notable October Events in Kingston

In terms of quantity of events, October is a pretty quiet month in Kingston but don’t worry – it’s more than made up by the sheer quality of the events.

An annual staple in Fort Fright, the Zombie Walk, some great live music and much more take up October in Kingston. And with not as many events why not take in a Frontenacs game?

Here’s the notable events taking place in Kingston in October 2017:

30+ Great Events Taking Place in Kingston in August 2017

August is quite the month in the city of Kingston.

We’ve got the Limestone City Blues Festival and the Princess Street Promenade.

WWE is coming to town and Kingston Toycon takes place.

A quick ferry ride away is the Wolfe Island Music Festival. There’s the 1000 Islands Poker Run, the Women’s Art Festival and so much more.

Here’s a look at the featured events taking place in Kingston in August:

Noteworthy Events & Festivals:

Arts & Theatre:


Live Music & Open Mic: