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This section contains a variety of articles. Articles related to Kingston or articles related to topics that I think might interest people who live in Kingston, or people who are visiting Kingston.

It’s also the category where I add previews of each month of the most notable Kingston events.

Here’s a breakdown:

Articles for Kingstonians:

Ontario Houseboating Guide: A guide to houseboating in Ontario, an activity I love to do at least once per year. Discussing houseboat holidays in the likes of Gananoque, Bobcaygeon and more.

Pokemon Go Kingston Guide: A guide written for Pokemon Go in Kingston. This was at the height of its popularity and a lot has changed since then but the basics in regard to best places for Pokestops etc remain the same.

Miscellaneous Topics:

Most Popular Events Jan-June 2016: I looked back for January to June 2016 and recapped the most popular events in Kingston during that time.

On The Wall Street Art Festival (2014: A look at the On the Wall Street Art Festival in 2014 in Kingston complete with pictures.

Santa Pictures 2015: A complete guide to where to get santa pictures in YGK in 2015.

Teddy Bear Picnic (20th annual): The 20th annual Teddy Bear Picnic took place in YGK in 2014 and I went to it and took lots of pictures to share of this fun event.

Making the Most of Casinos: We have multiple casinos around Kingston and in this article I talk about what to do at those casinos to get the best out o fthem.

Events Worth Attending in Casinos: In this article I cover specific gambling events that take place at the casinos surrounding Kingston and what else they offer and what to look for.

Monthly Kingston Event Preview:

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