Fort Fright Is On

Fort Fright & Spooky Slots for Halloween 2020

There’s something about Halloween that brings out the spooky side in many people. From a young age, children start to wear costumes and go trick or treating while some of their parents aren’t afraid to still get involved and have fun. With many people undertaking home active activities like online casino games in these uncertain times of COVID, others are braving the outdoors and heading for the Fort Fright event, which is scheduled to run during October 2020.

Fort Fright is billed as a haunted attraction that’s hosted annually in Kingston, Ontario. Many fans were afraid that the event could be cancelled in 2020 due to COVID, though can now feel fortunate that it will go ahead in October. At the time of writing, several days had been sold out, with fans purchasing general admission tickets for $25 or military admission tickets for $20 each.

This is an evening affair that typically runs from 7pm until 10pm each night. By October, the dark nights are closing in and the circumstances are ideal for a scare. Visitors who have booked tickets need to set aside approximately 20 minutes to navigate the haunted house section of Fort Fright. After making it out of the haunted house, visitors can then explore the lower section of the fort, where they can expect a haunted carnival. All in all, it’s smart to leave an hour for exploration.

Lower Attendance Expected

Although Fort Fright is still going ahead in October 2020, a lower turnout is expected by the organisers. In previous years, the event has drawn strong attendances from Quebec and other cities. People generally flock from outside of Ontario to attend Fort Fright. This time, however, it’s going to be a decidedly local affair for people from Kingston and the surrounding area, but that doesn’t mean the event won’t more terrifying than ever.

Coincidentally, this is due to be the 13th year of Fort Fright. This ominous number is associated with Friday the 13th, though there won’t actually be a Friday the 13th this October. And it could be for the best or else some of the visitors might be pushed to their limits. For 2020, the theme will be darkness and it will see visitors getting to explore the unknown areas of Fort Henry, which was built in 1812 during the historic conflict between the US and Great Britain.

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Scary Slot Games and Alternative Entertainment

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COVID Guidelines for Fort Fright Visitors

For anyone attending Fort Fright 2020, it’s important to check out the current COVID guidelines for the event. To maintain safety, the organisers have arranged time ticketing, which will help to space out groups to give everyone as much space as possible. In addition, the premises shall stay open for an hour after the final check-in to allow for the last groups to enjoy the attraction in full.

The organisers also state on the event’s official website that every person who attends should follow the mandated physical distancing rules of the Ontario Government. Moreover, staff shall monitor visitors to ensure that people are staying 2m or six feet away from others. There aren’t any screening measures at the event, though visitors are asked to assess their health and avoid attending if they come down with any symptoms of COVID-19.

Anyone who can attend Fort Fright will be required to wear a mandatory face mask or covering. Visitors can read signage throughout the event for instructions on how to proceed through the complex. After consultation with public health authorities, the organisers have implemented hand sanitising stations to complement hand washing facilities in public restrooms, which are being cleaned frequently during the event.