Bingo’s increasing role in the online casino landscape

Staying entertained is something that everyone in Canada loves to do. The great thing is that we now have so many ways to go about it. While watching the latest hit TV shows and listening to the hottest music are good examples, people across the country also like to spend their time playing games.

One aspect of the gaming sector which has been on a rapid ascent in recent years is online casino play. Although this may have involved playing at offshore casinos in the past or officially sanctioned sites run by each province, the iGaming picture in Canada has recently changed somewhat. In April 2022, Ontario launched its own legal iGaming market which enabled licensed overseas casinos to operate within its borders.

Why is online casino gaming so popular?

As this way of playing casino games appears to be getting more popular as time progresses, you may wonder why this is happening. Why are people in the country starting to move away from land-based casinos to enjoy online ones?

Although convenience, bonuses, high-level security and mobile play all have a major impact, it is perhaps the range of games at the best internet casinos which is most appealing. One game which has started to play an increasing role in iGaming lately is bingo. This is easy to see when you look at how many play bingo online in Ontario there are and how entertaining the game is to play digitally.

Bingo: How does it work?

Bingo is not a new game and has been around in various forms for a long time. Easy to try and lots of fun to get involved with, bingo involves players marking off numbers on their card as they are called out.

Players win if they mark off all the numbers on their card which is also known as getting a full house,  or if they mark off all numbers on one or two horizontal line, which are also referred to as one line and two lines. This casino game is also one that provides good variety, as many online gaming sites offer different versions of it, such as 30 ball.

Bingo’s evolving presence within iGaming

While titles such as Gotham Knights might light up video gaming, online casino play has its own variety of classics to impress players with. Despite its popularity in land-based halls previously around the world, bingo was not something that iGaming included much initially though. Bingo was left out in the cold in place of other classics such as poker, roulette, slots and blackjack.

This has changed a lot in recent years and bingo has become a much more noticeable presence at many top internet casinos. It is also interesting to see many online gaming sites dedicated to the game available to play at now. This represents a real evolution in terms of bingo’s ties to iGaming and shows the demand there is for the game with modern players.

As a result of this, bingo is now a crucial part of the online casino gaming sector in places like Canada.

More choice for online gamers

Choice is key in all our lives, whether it involves multiple places to catch the latest sports news or having a variety of places to eat out for a special meal. As we have already noted, choice is also important within iGaming and people love to game online because of the range of titles on offer.

This ensures that there is something everyone finds fun to try out and helps the industry continue to expand its audience over time. Bingo certainly plays its part here and has a central role when it comes to offering more choice to players. By giving people something a little different to play and offering more choice in terms of what to try, it has brought even more freedom to iGaming.

Bingo helps iGaming appeal to less intense gamers

As noted above, the online casino landscape has been dominated by certain games like poker in the past. While there is nothing wrong with this, these kinds of games can be overly serious and complex for more casual gamers to get into.

Bingo on the other hand is a fun game which has no complex rules and no in-depth gameplay to understand. This has allowed iGaming to attract a whole new audience of more casual gamers and engage people who might find more traditional casino games off-putting.

Bingo pulls from a different demographic

In addition to appealing to people who might find more traditional casino games a turn-off, bingo has also helped the sector engage a whole new demographic. By including this game on their platforms, top casinos in the industry are able to appeal directly to bingo fans and the specific audience it attracts.

This may be a different audience than those who get a kick from playing other types of casino games, which has enabled the whole sector to attract more people. Due to this, it has been able to not only grow over time but has also become more diverse in terms of its audience. Bringing bingo into the online casino space has also meant iGaming platforms can attract people who might play at physical bingo halls usually rather than spending time at internet casinos.

Leading light for more social online casino play

This could arguably be the biggest role that bingo has to play in the online casino space for many. There is no doubt that the fun nature of bingo seems to lead to more light-hearted play and allows people to forge better social connections when playing.

This has been helped greatly by the social features which are included in bingo games online, such as the ability to chat to other players. As stated earlier, there are even dedicated bingo gaming sites now which put a more social approach to play at their very heart. All this may set the tone for the rest of the iGaming industry and help it become more social overall.

Bingo has a major role in online casino gaming

Bingo is not a new game by any means and something most Canadians will be familiar with. Despite this, it has not always been one of the top games at online casinos in the past. This looks to be changing fast though and bingo now has a major role to play in the iGaming sector.