Look At The Casino Bonus Small Print

Over the past couple of years due to the pandemic, we’ve seen many people transition from land-based casinos to online casinos.

Although the pandemic is now largely behind us and we can return to playing live at the Shorelines Thousand Islands Casino, there are still many people who are choosing to play online casino games instead.

One large reason for that is the bonuses offers. Casinos will offer 100% deposit bonuses, 200%, 300%, and more. Some will offer a $100 match, others as high as a $2000 match.

This is all well and great but it is important that you don’t just accept the biggest offer. You should take the time to read the terms and conditions of the bonus first. Bigger isn’t always better.

Often, the terms and conditions can be confusing so that is where other websites come in. If you were looking to sign up at the online casino DomGame Casino, as an example, this domgame casino review does an incredible job of breaking down the bonus for you.

DomGame on its homepage offers a variety of bonuses which, while great, can be confusing. These include:

  • 300% Welcome Bonus
  • 250% Monthly Reward
  • 175% Slots Match + 20 Free Spins
  • 200% Match + 60 Free Spins

All that sounds great – but what exactly does it all mean? Are you able to claim all of the welcome bonuses? Are you able to get 80 free spins?

Most online casinos will be upfront with you in regard to the terms and conditions but some of them will have only brief details. That is where the aforementioned website can be helpful.

They do a complete breakdown explaining the bonuses on offer and how it works. They don’t just try and give you the hype; they provide an honest portrayal of the bonus and the terms and conditions, as well as any restrictions such as only being able to use it on slots, or on specialty casino games.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

You may also have heard of no deposit casino bonuses. No deposit casino bonuses are great on the surface; they allow you to play for real money at an online casino without actually having to deposit any real money. Then in theory, if you win any money it is yours to keep.

Unfortunately, online casinos just aren’t in the business of giving money away. So more than ever, you need to read all of the terms and conditions in relation to the no deposit bonus on offer.

There will likely be a large wagering requirement to start with. There will also likely be limits in regard to how much you can win off the no deposit bonus. One online casino that offers a $100 no deposit bonus, for example, has a 50x wagering requirement meaning you need to wager a total of $5,000 prior to withdrawal.

Even if you hit that amount without going broke – they only allow you to keep $25 of the winnings. So if you ended up going on a lucky streak and running your no deposit bonus up to $800, you would only get to keep $25 of that.

No progressive jackpot play is permitted with no deposit bonuses either.

Conflicting Rewards Programs

There are many casino rewards programs out there. That seems great on the surface; sign up at a new online casino, claim the deposit bonus and then earn loyalty points while playing.

The problem is that numerous online casinos will not allow you to earn loyalty points while playing and clearing a current bonus. Others will actually force you to opt-out of the program prior to playing, or risk voiding the bonus.

So when you are looking to claim a bonus, don’t just look at the bonus terms and conditions. Instead, look at the actual terms and conditions for the rewards program the casino offers as well. Make sure that the bonus doesn’t conflict with that in some manner.

Read ALL the Terms and Conditions

When you go to claim a deposit bonus at an online casino, they will present you with a shortlist of terms and conditions usually. These are specifics in regard to this particular bonus – but they don’t cover all of the details of that online casino’s bonus system.

Most online casinos won’t allow you to clear a bonus at a table game such as roulette or blackjack, but they don’t mention that when you are signing up. The reason for that is simply that they want you to get in and start playing. They don’t want to bog you down with too much to read.

It is up to you to review the terms and conditions and search on the internet as well for any specific rules in regards to bonuses offered by that casino. Terms and conditions are usually found in the footer of each casino website, and they will have a specific section detailing bonus play. They’re not hiding this information from you; you just, unfortunately, have to hunt for it at times.

In summary – don’t just sign up at an online casino simply because of the bonus on offer. Take time to understand the rules and regulations of it, and also pay attention to the wagering requirement. A 1000% bonus on your $100 deposit sounds good in theory; but if the wagering requirement is 100x, then it loses a lot of its appeal.