Getting Married In Canada and What You Need To Know

Whether you are a foreigner residing in Canada or you are touring the magnificent countryside, you may have stumbled upon love and decided to tie the knot in the most memorable fashion and get married in Canada. You wouldn’t be the first to have mulled this over, in fact, you, like many have chosen one of the most popular wedding destinations as Canada is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, ideal for wedding photo albums.

Victoria, for example, offers some of the most majestic imagery imaginable with colourful flowers in bloom and wintery cloaks of snow in winter. So if you are thinking about getting married in one of the most photogenic countries on this earth, you have made an excellent decision. Now all you need to do is follow up on what is required from you to tour the country, explore activities, enjoy a great variety of casino games and embrace the friendly culture of Canada all in holy matrimony!

Verifying Eligibility

To follow through with your dream wedding in Canada, you will need to verify that you are actually eligible to get married in whichever province you have chosen. In order to do this you must meet two requirements which is a simple enough process.

First Requirement

You will need to obtain a marriage license before you do any packing. Unfortunately, Canada is not in a position to grant a marriage license or marry couples who do not have this official piece of paper. Obtaining this is easy enough as you can download the application from online websites. Once you have downloaded the document, you will be required to fill out the necessary information which will determine whether you are legally eligible to get married, and then you will be required to submit the forms to a local government office. The document requires information such as your current marital status, age and country of residence to determine if you can legally get married. If you have met all the criteria you will move onto the second requirement.

Second Requirement

The second step commences once you have passed the first step and been approved by the government to legally get married to the person you wish to share your life with. You will now need to apply for marriage license. As there are ‘province specific’ marriage certificates, you may be requested to pay an administration fee which is generally a small fee required to process your application and depending on the province you have chosen , the fee may vary although not by much.

Provinces in Canada which permit lovers the opportunity to apply for marriage certificates includes popular destinations:

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Yukon.

Once you have chosen your official province you can move onto the third, and possibly, most essential requirement, finding a location.

Location, Location, Location!

Most travellers opt for one of the following ideas. The first being a hotel. Canadian hotels are generally kitted for extravagant events and being the beautiful locations the majority of Canadian hotels are, this is indeed a great option. Do a little homework and seek out the hotels with built in chapels, and yes these do exist! Live events are held at the hotels and now your wedding can be one of them.

The second idea, which makes saying ‘I do’ a whole lot lovelier, is tying the knot at a white coated ski resort with the snow being your backdrop. If you want unique you could ski down into the reception of your own wedding or you could be more conventional and simply get married in one of the halls specifically developed for such engagements. The surroundings of the majority of ski resorts are simply put, breathtaking. You couldn’t go wrong here.

The third popular choice is choosing an actual chapel located in choice specific Canada. If you wanted conventional you can have it, except you are in Canada which makes you just a tiny bit eccentric! Being a popular country to get married in, Canada offers up some of the most exquisite chapels. After your wedding you can honeymoon in any part of amazing Canada and be fully satisfied by the monumental experience you are bound to have.

Don’t just tie the knot, make your wedding day something extraordinary and explore the corners of Canada with the person you love the most, you won’t regret it!

Now all that’s left to do is find the live music, get the cake and celebrate eternal love…in Canada!