KAG-Con 2021: April in Kingston

This April, a great new convention is taking place in Kingston and it will be completely online.

It is the Kingston Area Gamers convention – or KAG-Con for short – and takes place from April 16th to April 18th, 2021.

What’s even better is this event being completely free. So, everyone can join and participate.

As the event is over 6 weeks away, we don’t have the full schedule but what we do have on the go is great to see with a big variety of events that should accommodate every sort of gamer.

There will be board games onDemand meaning at any point of the day during the festival you should be able to get a board game going. There will also be high level D&D RPG sessions and DnD beginners sessions. I know I am looking forward to those as I’ve always wanted to try DnD after watching it on Community.

KAG will also be offering Roblox games for the younger plays and writing challenges, art challenges and even a drawing tutorial.

While I doubt we’ll see it – it would be neat to see an event like this accommodate the online gambling world. Of course, age can be an issue and this is tailored towards younger people so it’s completely understandable but if you are looking for a legal online casino Canada there is absolutely plenty of them.

Many are also great in regard to events like this with the sort of games that are available where people can participate in private Blackjack sessions and other games. You can even do private slot tournaments at legal online casinos in Canada so it would be cool to see an event in the future accommodate that.

Come on Kingston – someone arrange a gambling convention!

If you wish to register for the events at KAG-Con you are going to have to use Discord. Everything is running via Discord with a specific channel for every event. There are also limited seats available for the gaming events so be sure to get in there and register.

There will be a fun opening event involving a big game of Codenames where the teams need to try and make contact with their agents. If you’ve never played Codenames it is a blast and a great choice for an opener to kickstart the event.

KAG-Con will be using the websites BoardGamesArena and Tabletopia to run all of these games.

Regarding the challenges – the first one is a Flash Fiction challenge. Each participant has to write a short piece of fiction over the course of the convention. There is a twist in that on the morning of the first day, you will be given three prompts that you have to use within your flash fiction stories. There will be awards for this although no details are set yet. It cannot be any longer than 1500 words.

The flash art challenge is similar – participants will be given three prompts they need to incorporate within their art.

There are also going to be 2 special guest panels that will feature RPG Industry professionals.

For all the details in this event, you are best to visit their Discord server. They also have a Facebook group set up entitled “Kingston Area Gamers Meetup” and all the details will be there.

Good luck to KAG-Con 2021 in what I am sure will be a successful event!