A Great Live Betting Sportsbook

For those who aren’t familiar with live betting on sports – it’s basically one of the greatest concepts ever created in the world of sports betting.

Let’s say you’re watching a game featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Buffalo Sabres. It’s one of those games – one of those games where you can tell within 5 minutes that the Leafs just don’t have the motivation. You can tell they’re ready to phone it in and that the Buffalo Sabres could pull off the upset victory.

It’s not something you would know about before the game so you can’t bet Buffalo prior to the match without that knowledge.

With live betting – now you can place that bet. During any point of any sporting event or even combat sports fight, you can actually place bets during the game. The odds also update constantly to reflect what is happening on the field.

So the Sabres may be 3.00 odds to win the game beforehand. The Leafs get an early goal and suddenly the odds for Buffalo to win are 5.00 or 6.00. You could then place a bet on Buffalo if you still think they will win, and get much better odds on it.

This is all thanks to online sportsbooks such as Gem.Bet who offers live betting on practically every support you can think of.

Live betting isn’t just restricted to the winner either. Live betting is an incredible selection of options for you to bet on. In hockey for example – you can bet on the over/under, or which team will score the next goal, or which team will concede a penalty next. You can even live bet player props.

That can come in handy in a lot of sports such as the NFL. You see one wide receiver burning the defense a couple of times, and you know he is going to have a big day. So you can then place a bet on that receiver getting a passing touchdown.

That’s the biggest positive about live betting – it allows you to get information and make more calculated bets by actually watching the game.

I can’t tell you how many bets I have placed pre-game, only to see something affect it early in the game. The Leafs phoning it in is just one example. Sometimes there are late injury call-offs or early goals that affect everything. Then there are player matchups that beforehand you are just guessing at – but during the game, you can really see the difference.

It also really enhances the entertainment factor. In soccer I might bet that a team will win to nil, meaning they won’t concede a goal. 15 minutes in, they’re 1-0 down and that bet is bust. If that was the only bet I had placed on a game and live betting didn’t exist then my entertainment for the game just isn’t the same.

Thanks to live betting, I can simply place another bet. On a team to score, on a team to have more corners – whatever I want.

The reason I highlighted gem.bet – as live betting is available at most online sportsbooks these days – is due to the interface and selection.

First is the selection – they have an incredible selection of live sports going all at once, and you can bet on so many of them with such a variety of different bets. I mean as I am writing this, I can place various live bets on a random soccer game featuring the Panama youth team vs the Argentina youth side. I can bet total goals, how many goals each team will score, handicaps, and much more.

It can be a lot of fun just sitting there not even watching a game but playing these bets just for a good old-fashioned gamble. They also provide a lot of statistics related to the game which can help you out.

Finally the interface. If you are doing live betting you want to be able to bet fast and easy as the odds are always changing. They have an excellent interface and you can pull out your phone and place a live bet within just seconds.

On top of that, they have a fantastic feature called “Accept higher odds” where when you place a bet, if the odds change to go higher it will automatically place that bet. You can even tell it to “Accept any Odds” if the odds drop slightly.

Overall an excellent online sportsbook for live betting.