Inside the Casino World: Expert Reviews of Top Gambling Destinations

From the United States to China, Canada, and many parts of Asia, gambling has become a wildfire that cannot be easily quenched. Every year, more countries embrace this industry through legislative actions, with some getting a significant portion of their IGR from it. 

According to a ResearchandMarkets report, the global online casino market is worth $63.53 billion as of 2022. By 2030, experts project this figure to rise to about $153.57 billion, with at least 11.7% annual growth between 2023 and 2030. If we add the offline games, the figures will be in multiples of this amount.

Whether you are an aspiring casino investor or a player, you have every reason to know the leading gambling destinations globally. This information can shape your business decision or aid collaborations with other global stakeholders in this sector.

Relying on expert reviews from CasinoCanada, we will examine seven leading gambling destinations worldwide. Are you ready? Read our best casino reviews below

7 Top Gambling Destinations in the World

With 2,147 licensed casinos and over 600 casino hotels, the United States leads other nations in this industry. Several online casino reviews and the American Gaming Association (AGA) have estimated the annual contribution of this sector to the US economy to be around $261 billion. The gambling niche is also praised for creating about 1.8 billion jobs nationwide. See below the US destinations and other parts that have contributed to this feat below.

1: Las Vegas, Nevada

The WorldCasinoDirectory puts the total casinos and its hotels in Las Vegas at 170 and 90, respectively. Considering that the entire state only boasts 404 licensed casinos and 178 casino hotels, one can rightfully declare LV a casino hub. Thanks to the up-and-doing nature of the market here, Nevada declared revenue of about $1.15 billion in 2023. Some of the best online casino reviews affirm that this amount is the highest any US state would declare for that period.

Wynn Resorts, one of the biggest gambling firms globally has this to say about Las Vegas Q1 performance, 

Turning to Las Vegas. I have to tell you, it’s a fascinating time in our business. Despite the confluence of high inflation, high interest rates, bank failures and increasingly difficult year-over-year comps, Wynn Las Vegas delivered an all-time record in Q1 with $232 million of adjusted property EBITDA, supported by a consumer that continues to feel flush.”

2: Macau, Southern China

Besides the US, China is another major contributor to the world’s casino market. A BBC report and several sources describe Macau as the “Gambling capital of the world.” According to the best casino reviews, Macau is one of China’s biggest gambling hubs globally. It has 49 casinos and 58 hotels. In 2023, specifically on June 2, Reuters reported that this city raked in a whopping $1.93 billion in revenues in May 2023.

Fact: Macau is the only Chinese region where casino gambling is legal.

3: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the best casino cities in the world, with 60 casinos, 27 venues, and 6 hotels. According to popular online casino reviews, gamblers can bet as low as $0, while the maximum deposit is $600.

4: Sydney, Australia

One of the best gambling spots in the world is Sydney, Australia’s famous city. The city has 10 casinos and two hotels in about 27 locations.

5: Manilla, Philippines

Arguably one of Asia’s best casino destinations, Manilla is home to 14 casinos and 14 hotels in 15 venues. Players can bet up to 500,000 pesos, and there are no minimum amounts.

6: Cairo, Egypt

Africa is also represented in the gambling world, with Cairo, Egypt’s capital, boasting 19 casinos and 11 hotels in 24 locations. Casinos in Egypt are only allowed in 5-star hotels, so the bulk of them are concentrated in the nation’s capital. 

Fact: This industry contributes over $200 million in Egypt’s GGR annually.

7: London, United Kingdom

London is among the first three best casino cities in the world. The metropolis has 54 casinos in 49 locations, 6 casino hotels, and gamblers can stake as much as 10,000 pounds on their bets. However, there are no minimum amounts because some locations allow free playing.

Other top gambling destinations, such as Melbourne, Atlantic City, Amsterdam, Seoul, Reno, Niagara Falls, and others, are beyond the scope of this piece. To learn more about these places, check out some of your trusted outlets’ best online casino reviews.


Due to gambling’s discretionary nature and the legal requirements for its operations in most nations, many transactions go unrecorded. The volume of such unrecorded or illegal casino activities sometimes exceeds the official figures by a wide margin.

But overall, there’s no argument that the US has the biggest gambling cities in the world. As such, if you’re looking for collaborations or investment in the sector, it’s one destination you can trust.