Top 10 Failed Hopes of English Football

English football is famous for its academy system, which regularly produces talented players for top clubs and the national team. However, not all young talents manage to fully realize their potential and become real stars. The reasons can range from trauma and poor attitudes to excessive pressure and high expectations. In this article we will tell you about ten English footballers who were considered the future of national football, but whose careers ultimately did not turn out as many expected.


From Walcott to Morrison: unrealized talents


Opening our list is Theo Walcott. When Arsenal paid more than 10 million euros for the 16-year-old winger in 2006, and he soon made his debut for the England national team and even went to the World Cup, many believed in the birth of a new star. But in the end, Walcott became simply a strong Premier League player, nothing more, which was noted even in 1win download canada.

Ravel Morrison was considered a huge talent at the Manchester United academy, but his wrong attitude led him to leave the club and wander around different countries. At 27 years old, he has already changed 10 teams.


Jack Rodwell made his debut for Everton in European competition at the age of 16, moved to Man City for 15 million euros, but did not play there and began his downward spiral. He’s currently at Sheffield United but doesn’t play much.


Chelsea graduate Josh McEachran was compared to Modric, but after leaving the London club his career began to decline. Now he hardly plays in Birmingham from the Championship.


Cherno Samba scored 100+ goals per season in youth football, but due to the conflict between Millwall and Liverpool, he fell into depression and ended his career at the age of 30 after wandering around the minor leagues.


Richards, Wilshere and others: ruined by injuries


Manchester City’s Micah Richards and Michael Johnson had enormous talent, but their careers were ruined by injuries. The first finished performing at the age of 31, the second at the age of 25, having by that time become addicted to alcohol.


Striker Neil Ranger got off to a bright start at Newcastle but constant troubles with the law, including a prison sentence, left him unsettled. Now he is without a club.


Francis Jeffers was considered a super talent at Everton, but after moving to Arsenal for €15 million, he wilted and ended his career in the lower leagues. Now he works as a coach at the Toffees academy.

Well, the main disappointment can be called Jack Wilshere. He was called the “British Iniesta”, but constant injuries prevented him from fully opening up. Having left Arsenal for West Ham, he hardly plays there either.


These ten stories are only a small part of the talent that, for various reasons, could not reach the predicted heights. Some couldn’t cope with the pressure, some were crippled by injuries, and some ruined their careers through wrong behavior. But they all serve as an example of how difficult it is in modern football to get to the top and stay there. It is not enough to have talent – you also need character, stability and a bit of luck. Otherwise, you risk becoming another example of unfulfilled hopes.