What is the difference between real and live dealers?

Live dealer casino games did not burst on the scene and become the next great thing all of a sudden. They began as a little addition, but over time they evolved and flourished. For online players, these options provided a chance to imitate the sensation of being in a brick-and-mortar casino. A method to communicate with the casino dealer while playing your favorite internet playing option . Given how well these options and their developers are doing, this is clearly a winning formula! With lockdowns again, we thought it would be helpful to have an article explaining for people who still want that live dealer “fix”.

These games, however, are not void of drawbacks. To play live dealer casino options, gamblers have to give up a little convenience. There are no demo options available for these game categories. The timer will frequently pressurize you to put your bets as quickly as possible. These are frequent issues that live casinos are attempting to address. A new rival is now giving an experience that is comparable to live options but without the disadvantages. Welcome to the world of real dealer gambling!

What are real dealer games?

Real Dealer Studios has just released a new product called Real Dealer Games. These are largely available on Microgaming’s platform, including Zodiac Casino. This game’s idea is really straightforward. Pre-recorded footage of live casino games is combined with random number generator technology by the software vendor. This allows real playing options to provide their players with the ultimate gambling experience.

On one hand, a dedicated crew of film industry specialists works tirelessly to get the greatest possible video footage. With these options, too, the software developer made every effort to impress. Famous and accomplished dealers like Courtney, Sarati, Holly, and Matthew were brought on by Real Dealer Studios and Microgaming. We should expect even more celebrity appearances based on the recent popularity of these films.

The fact that real playing options are not true live casino games allows for these celebrity guest appearances. The entire game is pre-recorded, thus the dealer on the television does not actually draw the card at that exact moment. A random number generator determines the cards you will receive in each round. It also means that, unlike real-life casino playing options, you will not be able to communicate with the individuals on the screen.

The chance to escape the inconveniences associated with their live alternatives is the main attraction of real playing options. They provide a comparable experience without requiring you to hurry your bets, for example. Real dealer games are absolutely your cup of tea if you seek convenience.

For those who are lovers of individual dealers, real playing options are also a terrific alternative. While live dealer sites cannot provide you with a one-on-one encounter with Sarati, these playing options, on the other hand, can! Of course, this method has its limits. You are unable to communicate with your preferred dealers. You will have to resort to the live counterparts for that.

What are live dealer games?

Now that you have learned about real playing options, it is time to learn about their counterparts. In a nutshell, they are, in a nutshell, a form of online casino playing option. Live dealer casino games are a collection of playing options available at your favorite online casino. But what distinguishes them from other virtual casino offerings enough for us to seek an answer to this question?

A live casino game is an internet playing option hosted by a real-time casino personnel. You may watch the game via an online video feed presented by a dealer in a private or open studio, or even at a real casino. You may use an online interface, like the Yukon Casino app, to engage with the dealer and the game, but when it comes to the game itself – whether it is poker, blackjack, roulette, or any other live game – everything is done the old-fashioned manner. This occurs to make playing a live option online as similar to playing in a typical land-based casino as possible.

Live casino games have several unique qualities that set them apart from the real dealer and other online casino games. They include:

  • Live options are not run by random number generator technology
  • They are more expensive to run than other internet offerings
  • They are more entertaining and more engaging than other virtual offerings
  • The live option is responsible for the game
  • Gamblers have an option to tip the dealer


When all is said and done, live casino games come out on top. At least, that is what they do for us. The experience they provide more than compensates for their limitations. However, that is not something that everyone will agree with.

For some players, the extra convenience of real dealer games may be sufficient compensation for the loss of immersion. It all boils down to what you value most. Both sorts of games have been thoroughly tested by us, and we encourage that you do the same. You can choose your favorite after trying both.