Feb Fest 2020 In Review

Feb Fest 2020 is underway in Kingston and I just wanted to take the time to say what a great job the City of Kingston has been doing in regard to Feb Fest.

Up until 2017, Feb Fest was only a weekend event. It would take place over the course of 3 days. It was fairly basic with hockey, skating, snow forts, a slide and a maze.

Heck does anyone remember the 2016 Feb Fest disaster? The weather was brutal that weekend but not in the way we are used to. There was no snow! So all the plans for Feb Fest 2016 that involved snow, such as the snow sculpture competition and the ice slide? All had to be canceled!

2018 was the first year that the city realized “Hey – February lasts a whole month so why can’t we?”

So instead of just a weekend long event, we have a month long event. And as the years have passed, we have seen more and more additions to it.

The evolution of Feb Fest in 2020 however is fantastic and I hope the city keeps this up going forward.

Theme skate nights every Tuesday is a great idea. Disney Theme Skate on February 11th for example. This is the type of thing that will bring out different audiences and that’s smart.

Then the Toast to Tapas where every week it’s a different event. Week 3 is Beer Theme Week for example. Week 4 is Bacon Theme Week. Something that brings people out of their element.

It’s been fun walking downtown and seeing people enjoying the Wagon Rides on Saturdays. Then we’ve had events such as the Maple Leafs Fan Zone and the entire Hockey weekend and Hockey Day in Kingston. Or events to get people into new things such as learning to skate, come play shinny etc.

I really like that they incorporated Family Day into this on the 17th. It’s good to have more Family Day events around the city. As a father myself with two kids I’ve found it tough at times over the years with only a few family day events, they are always busy. Now with more events such as Family Day activities in Feb Fest, I have the option of going to that or knowing that more people will be attending that, leaving there to be more events at other events around the city.

Family Day for Feb Fest 2020 is an excellent event for those who aren’t aware of it – it’s all focused on 10am-2pm. There are numerous activities and games, roasting marshmallows, a family skate of course, wagon rides and my personal favourite – Improbable Escapes games.

I do think they can do more for Feb Fest however it is always evolving and I hope that continues to evolve. I know it’s difficult to do outdoor events with the weather but it’s also good to encourage people to get out. The weather has been hit or miss in February but there have been some warm days as well where there has been no problem getting out.

It’d be nice if there was some sort of warm tent set up where people could take a break from the cold weather for a bit. Maybe just full of art for the kids to do, some online slots UK for the adults or some books to read. I know the library is close by so it’d be cool if they could get involved in it in some manner.

Either way, Feb Fest 2020 has been a heck of a success and I am looking forward to seeing what the city brings us next year.