Current trends in gaming within the Ontario region

Ontario is home to the Canadian capital city, and nearly 15 million Canadians, and the possibility for the gaming industry to profit from the vast potential within the contemporary Ontario marketplace is gripping many prominent names in the gaming sector. Gambling laws in the United States and Canada have experienced a sizeable shift recently, and this has created momentum in the industry, leading to some companies doubling or even tripling in size in just a few years.

Business analysts who specialize in the casino gaming industry and have a keen eye on the potential future growth seem to be united in their opinion that the market is on the precipice of becoming a global behemoth. Many make the argument that it is already there. However, the fact is that there are still a number of untapped markets to explore in some of the world’s most prominent economies, such as Canada, which is fueling optimism and even larger predictions for growth.

Casino games

Poker, blackjack and baccarat have moved into the Canadian market with hardly any teething issues. As with any new casino market, operators are intrigued to see which games are favored and which classic, traditional games rise to the top. Suggesting that any of these games are unpopular would be a fallacy. However, baccarat is a card game that usually doesn’t see the same activity as poker or blackjack, particularly in American casinos.




As one of the oldest casino games and the original game of choice for Ian Fleming’s iconic James Bond character, an element of mystique and charm still drives baccarat’s popularity. Perhaps the fact that there’s such a close social, economic and cultural connection between France and Canada has led to this emerging gaming trend in the Ontario region.

Baccarat emerged in France and still holds a place alongside roulette and poker as one of the most prominent games in European casino gaming. It looks as though Ontario gaming is about to follow suit. Lightning cards is a modern derivative of the game that brings in bettors. It seems to be striking a chord with gamblers in Ontario, given how online baccarat has quickly found its feet in this flourishing Canadian market. We anticipate that this is a trend that could become the norm.




As discussed in our previous section, French casino gaming has played the most integral role in developing the modern casino. Over 200 years ago, French casinos were credited with creating baccarat and the modern-day versions of European roulette and blackjack, which historians believe emerged in French casinos as far back as the beginning of the 18th century. As more Canadian provinces allow digital casinos more room to operate, the French influence and bond continue to permeate the culture, and roulette is another game seeing a spike in activity in Ontario.

Video gaming

Moving away from casino gaming, video games in Ontario are creating a trend, particularly among the younger generations. On a global scale, video console gaming is becoming one of the biggest brackets of the entertainment industry. Professional video gaming, or esports, is selling out stadiums worldwide, and many believe that this is just the beginning for an industry that will become one of the most prominent forms of live entertainment over the next decade.

With so many cities to visit in Ontario, esports tournament organizers have brought their globally recognized competitions with million-dollar prize pools to Canadian shores and will no doubt be eyeing more in the future. There are rumors that Ontario will soon have a specific area dedicated to esports and harnessing talent. If this goes ahead, it will be the largest in Canada and the North American continent.

For this to even be a discussion shows how much Ontario embraces the current video gaming and esports trend. Globally, economists predict the sector will continue growing from strength to strength as more generations enter the market. Like any business where demand is increasing and causing numbers to swell, profit margins and investment will increase dramatically. Ontario will be keen to take advantage of this trend and provide a base for the best Canadian professional video gaming talents to sharpen their skills.


As you can see, various gaming genres are enjoying tremendous interest in Ontario. Gambling legislation is helping to fuel the growth of the casino sector. The accessibility of online professional video gaming also provides a rich foundation for those who enjoy it to explore their maximum potential, and those who work in both industries will be keen to turn these trends into permanent fixtures within the Ontario gaming landscape and culture.