King Con 2021 Goes Online

Great news for Kingstonians – King Con is back for 2021.

King Con 2020 was canceled due to COVID 19. It is usually an event that takes place in person and as it was in April of last year, it was too late to plan anything out in regard to it.

This year however King Con 2021 is going completely online.

King Con 2021 will be from Thursday, June 24th to Sunday, June 27th and there are a variety of great plans for it. Looking back at prior King Cons – there will of course be some missing elements, but a large part of should be able to be accommodated online.

While I’d much rather be able to attend the event; one nice thing I am looking forward to is being able to enjoy it from the comfort of my own home. That’s something I’ve really embraced this past year and with everything going on – the idea of attending a function with many people is a bit intimidating.

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One thing I hope is that when things are back to “normal” that all of these conventions find enough success within the online world to perhaps merge the two as I really like the online element of them. Although I won’t mind sitting around waiting for the speakers to show up at a panel due to Jackpot City Casino being able to take away my boredom!

The event will launch on June 24th at 6 pm with a conversation between Waubgeshig Rice and Coul Pauls. Rice is an author and journalist and Pauls is a comic artist. Both are Indigenous creators and two different generations so there will be a lot of great insight there.

King Con often has panels featuring various guests and that will continue; it will just be online over Zoom instead. On Sunday, June 27th there is a panel featuring Meagan Carter, Stephanie Cooke, and Megan Huang. All three are involved in the world of comic books, and their panel will be discussing going full-time in comics. If you have ever wanted to work within the comic book industry then this is a can’t miss event.

Workshops are a big part of King Con and already we are seeing workshops announced. They’re going to fill up soon though so be sure to register soon. On Sunday, there will be a Build-A-Beast Cardboard Workshop, for example, hosted by Clelia Scala. Clelia is a mask and puppet designer and will go through the entire process; from building and shaping the mask to finishing it off with paper-mache.

There will be additional workshops on character development for the likes of video games and comics, as well as Face Painting Workshops.

One nice thing about it being online is there can be a more international element to it; as it is all over Zoom, people from all over the world can participate. Helen McCarthy, who is an expert in British anime and lives in the UK, will be hosting a session where she discusses the history of cosplay in Japan.

One particular talk that I am looking forward to is Howard Wong. Howard is the creator of Damned, Cursed Children and will be discussing the entire process of creating, pitching, and publishing comics. Howard has over 20 years in the industry and has worked with the likes of Marvel Comics and Hong Kong Disneyland. His interactive presentation will be a can’t miss event.

From the sounds of things, this will be an excellent event and we’re looking forward to bringing you more news about it within the coming weeks.