Bingo Halls in Kingston

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do in Kingston, why not head to one of our bingo halls?

If you’ve never played bingo in one of Kingston’s two bingo halls then you are missing out. They are a lot of fun and also a great way to meet new people. You’ll find lots of veterans and regular who play there but also lots of new people as well.

At either bingo hall, all of the staff are also accommodating and friendly. I normally go out for a night of bingo once per month just to do something different and I’m always impressed with the multi-tasking of the staff; they’re able to go about the tables selling their bingo cards while easily helping anyone who has any questions.

The bingo hall you will most likely be familiar with in Kingston is Play! located on Bath Road, and formerly known as the Treasure Chest Bingo.

They are one of the first bingo centres in the entire province of Ontario to offer both electronic terminals as well as paper cards.

It’s great to see places accommodate people who are into electronics more with things like that. Obviously, over the years, the likes of online gambling has really grown. Whether it be online bingo, online casino or online poker – more and more people are getting their feet wet online. They may not understand the lure of an actual bingo hall with people all around you.

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Of course, if you are at a bingo hall you don’t have to make your own food; one of the benefits of heading to a place like Play! is that they have a full restaurant menu and you can order it at any time. Along with bingo, they offer Play on Demand games which are electronic quick play games and also session side games.

Play! also offers up a VIP suite if you want to arrange a private session with some friends.

Play! is located at 1600 Bath Road and is running from 10am-1am on a daily basis.

The other bingo hall is Community Spirit Gaming located at 900 Montreal St. They are open for the real early birds – 9am until 1am every day. While they don’t offer a VIP suite, or as detailed a food menu, Community Spirit is still a fun place to be. It’s all in the name but there is a real community aspect to that.

If you prefer a smaller, more local crowd then Community Spirit Gaming Centre is the best one for you. Play! attracts more people from around the city and newer players. You may find that more accommodating if you are a new player although the staff at Community Spirit are just as helpful.

Both bingo halls have their games broken up into breakfast sessions, matinee sessions, mini sessions, evening sessions, and then the late night sessions. Their websites have full details as well on all of the bingo games you will play there such as Lightning, Dual Dab, Bonanza and Toonie Pot Progressive.

So if you are looking for a night out in Kingston to do something different, be sure to check out one of our two bingo halls. It may surprise you just how much fun you’ll have!