Kingston Canadian Film Festival Goes Online

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival was one of the first victims of COVID-19 back in March 2020.

An annual event that takes place in Kingston, Ontario Canada; It was initially scheduled for March 11th through 15th however due to the early stages of the Pandemic it was unfortunately canceled at the last moment.

They have had a whole year to get adjusted though and in 2021, will be doing a completely online film festival.

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival is billing itself as their “digital edition” and it is taking place from February 26th, 2021 until March 7th, 2021.

Fans of the festival will be able to stream the movies that are showcased at the festival online as opposed to attending live viewings in theatres.

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It’s a smart strategy and the KCFF is offering a variety of different options. You will purchase a pass that will allow you to watch a variety of movies. The 6 film pass costs $70 for example and the 12 film pass costs $100.

Once you purchase a pass, you then choose the films that you wish to watch, and you will get the tickets for those. During the event dates you will be able to watch those films. They are still restricting the quantity of tickets available for each movie.
There is a variety of different Canadian movies available such as Anne at 13,000 Feet which is the story of a daycare worker who is socially awkward and suffers from drastic emotional sings. Then there is No Visible Trauma which is a hard-hitting documentary about police brutality and systemic racism within Canada.

You can purchase each movie individually. There are over 25 movies available at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival to watch digitally.
Of course – the Kingston Canadian Film Festival has a nice advantage in that most people are used to purchasing or streaming digital movies. The majority of Kingstonians should be able to adapt to this setting no problem.

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The Kingston Canadian Film Festival won’t be as big a transition; it’s something we should all be able to handle digitally with ease. They will even do a few workshops online such as the Awards Show and the Comic Art Workshop.

Hopefully everyone supports the KCFF digitally this month.