Pin-Up Casino Loyalty Program Tips and Secrets: How to Become a VIP Player

One of the biggest appeals of online casinos is the availability of numerous promotions. Popular top online gambling websites in Turkey, like Pin-Up Casino, also offer loyalty programs to show how much they value their regular players. This article reviews Pin Up VIP club, Pincoins, which is available for clients of the platform. You’ll learn about its rules, levels, tasks, and gifts.

Understanding Pin Up Casino Loyalty Program

So, what’s a Pincoins loyalty program at Pin Up casino? It’s a unique opportunity to earn and exchange Pincoins (PNC). Turkish players can exchange PNC for real money and use additional funds to play other games.

Moreover, the coins you get as a gift contribute to your player level (more on that in the rules section). Each level has a different exchange rate at which you exchange coins for real money. So, the higher the level, the better the exchange rate.

These coins don’t just disappear once they increase your level; you use these PNCs to get real money. Therefore, Pincoins offers a great way to extend your gambling sessions, although it’s best to exchange coins after you reach a higher level.

Rules, Tasks, and Levels

Unlike a Pin Up bonus, users must do something other than just deposit money. The best part is that you can complete the simplest tasks and gain coins. Here are a few examples of tasks:

  • play for real money;
  • complete your profile;
  • confirm your email address;
  • verify your account;
  • open Gift Boxes.

However, Pincoins from gift boxes don’t count towards your progress in achieving higher levels. For instance, if you get PNC from a Gixt Box, you can exchange them, but they won’t increase your level.

The loyalty club has nine levels. Each level requires a specific amount of Pincoins and offers a different exchange rate for converting Pincoins to bonuses.

This is the list of level names and requirements (the first number is the coins needed, and the second is the exchange rate):

  1. Newbie — 199/600:1.
  2. Amateur — 999/540:1.
  3. Experienced — 1999/480:1.
  4. Expert — 3499/420:1.
  5. Master — 4999/360:1.
  6. Thrill Seeker — 9999/300:1.
  7. Fortune’s Favourite — 14999/240:1.
  8. Good Luck Catcher — 19999/180:1.

The higher your level, the more favorable the exchange rate becomes. This system rewards dedicated players with better rates and more Pincoins per level. Each level also comes with a wagering requirement, which varies based on your status in the loyalty club.

Tips to Maximize Your Gains

Here are a few valuable tips to get more benefits from participating in the Pincoins program:

  • Wait until higher levels to get better exchange rates. You get better rewards in the long run.
  • Complete simple tasks regularly, like playing for real money and so on. For instance, playing five slots daily means getting 30 PNC, so 210 PNC in a week.
  • Read the wagering requirements for your level. For example, the Newbie level has a 60 requirement.

Players can ask for 24/7 support about this loyalty program if they need help understanding how it works.


The bottom line is that new and loyal players can benefit from Pin Up’s promotions. New Turkish users get a generous Pin Up bonus for registration and first deposit. However, the casino won’t let its loyal clients stay on the sidelines, so it provides other great gits, including the VIP program. The best part about Pincoins is that generated points contribute to your level without burning. Thus, these points increase your level, and you get to keep them to exchange for real money later.