Friends of YGK Events

On this page, we are going to list a few friends of YGK Events.

These are not professional recommendations, or advertisements or anything like that.

Instead, these are just friends or companies we have worked with over the years, or businesses we have attended, that we wish to support. Each one has as description beside it with notes as to why they are listed.

The Caesar Company: We meet up for lunch and to discuss YGK Events on a weekly basis. Initially, we would visit different places to check out all that Kingston has to offer, but in 2023 we started going to Caesar Co practically all the time.

There are many reasons for it. Great food, especially with a lot of vegetarian options. Solid drink selection. Nice d├ęcor and atmosphere. But the biggest reason is the staff. They are the friendliest, best staff we have had the pleasure to talk to. It’s not just one person either; everyone there treats us like old friends. We also consider them friends, and thus feel they should be listed here. Caesar Co is located at 177 Princess St.

Craig Norton: Kingston Psychotherapy: Craig is a good friend of Graeme’s, and has his own therapy office in Kingston. His office is located at 797 Princess St, Suite 407, and Craig also offers online counselling as well.

Craig specializes in anxiety, ADHD and depression therapy although also covers many more topics such as grief, stress, trauma and PTSD. He offers a free 15 minute consultation as well.

The Elm Cafe: The Elm Cafe is located in Graeme’s neighbourhood, and he has visited there practically every day since. The staff are wonderful and friendly, the sandwiches are out of this world, and the coffee made by “ole yeller” is fantastic.

A great selection of treats too, and it’s also a coffee shop where you can enjoy a beer on the patio. Highly recommended heading out to the Inner Harbour for this great coffee shop, located at 303 Montreal St.

Westwood Tree Services: Westwood Tree Services is a service that offers up tree pruning, removal and hedge trimming. They are also socially responsible, and make sure that there is no waste.

David used them in March 2023 to take trees down in his back yard, and was extremely impressed with their services. If you are looking for pruning, tree removal and more, be sure to check them out.