Live Music in June

YGK live music listing for the month of June 2023.

Big Month in Music featuring Spring Reverb Music Festival 2023 And Skeleton Park Festival

Live Music will be updated through out the month and sent out every Thursday on social media.

Be sure to check with each venue prior to attending a show as plans change, sometimes with just hours before the show.




June 1st to 4th Spring Reverb Music Festival
June 1st Piner @ The Bank Gastrobar
June 1st Keaton, 92Rare, Almond Milk, Mat Almeida @ The Broom Factory
June 1st Fawn Fritzen @ Chalmers United Church
June 1st Clear Breeze @ Hotel Wolfe Island
June 1st Justin Hayward @ Grand Theatre
June 1st Exogen, Sons of Rick, RustPump @ The Mansion
June 1st Bekka Blake & Tiffany Morgan @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 1st Lauren Carson, The Mill•Rights, JukeBox County @ The Toucan
June 2nd Electric Six, Justin Bird & The Thorns of Venus, The Astros @ Ale House
June 2nd Whitehorse @ Blu Martini
June 2nd Music Declares Emergency: Climate Activism in the Music Scene @broom Factory
June 2nd Ryland James, Noelle, Vikki Minor @ The Broom Factory
June 2nd Moon King, Lee Paradise, DJ Juno, DJ LK @ The Grad Club
June 2nd Bad Tractor, Hayley and the Pirate Queens, Rubbin’ Elbows @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 2nd Fast Forward to Friday @ Jimmy’s Sports Lounge
June 2nd Fucked Up, Housewife , Automatic Joy, Monach @ The Mansion
June 2nd Brian Flynn, Andrew Vanhorn @ Tir Nan Og
June 2nd Reckless & Banded, Luscious, The Winter in Canada @ The Toucan
June 3rd The Wilderness, New Friends, Hotel Mira, The Backsteps @ The Ale House
June 3rd Bon Evans, Surprise Special Guest @ Blu Martini
June 3rd Gord Sinclair , Julia Finnegan @ The Broom Factory
June 3rd Mother Tongues and Jared Mattson @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 3rd Bon Evans Trio @ The Mansion
June 3rd Greg Macpherson, Evan Jackson, Megan Hamilton, Jon McLurg @ Musiikki Café
June 3rd Piner, The Gertrudes @ Next Church
June 3rd No Limits @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 3rd Gerald McGrath @ Tie one on Creativity Bar
June 3rd The Celtic Kitchen Party @ Tir Nan Og
June 3rd Cam Kahin, KaKaow, The Meringues @ the Toucan
June 4th Rory Taillon @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 4th Belvedere, All The Time Everywhere, Master Nate & The Reprobates @ The Mansion
June 4th The Savage Family Band, Jen Calder @ The Mansion
June 4th Savannah Shea @ Musiikki Cafe
June 4th Classic Country Band @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 4th The ‘Evs @ Spearhead Brewery
June 4th: Danny Derue @ Caesar Co
June 8th Garrett Mason @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 8th Neil Carter @ Tir Nan Og
June 9th Christopher Jackson & Friends @ Blu Martini
June 9th Deborah Schuurmans @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 9th Sweet Pete & The Heat @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 9th Brian Flynn, Andrew Vanhorn @ Tir Nan Og
June 9th Don’t Tell Sarah, Hellrager, Shook Planet @ The Toucan
June 10th Luscious, Hallowood, Melon Collie Caravan @ Blu Martini
June 10th RetroKings @ Cataraqui Heights
June 10th YGK Craft Beer Fest @ Fort Henry
June 10th The Plaid Shirtd @ Royal Canadian Legion 631
June 10th Texas Tuxedo @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 10th Chris Jackson @ Spearhead Brewery
June 10th The HiFalutin Joneses @ Tir Nan Og
June 11th Jennifer Brant @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 11th Lukey Pell @ The Mansion
June 11th Dave McGrath @ Spearhead Brewery
June 14th Cody Allen James & Good Co. + Brock Mattsson @ Hotel Wolfe Island
June 14th Jon McLurg @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 15th Skeleton Park Radio @ The Mansion
June 15th Gerald McGrath @ Musiikki Cafe
June 15th Lara Taubman Band @ Hotel Wolfe Island
June 16th Christopher Jackson & Friends @ Blu Martini
June 16th Teddy Kumpel and Nome Sane @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 16th Empty Boards: The Kim Pollard Band @ Grand Theatre
June 16th KaKaow, Mat Almeida, Hartman, & Dupel @ Musiikki Cafe
June 16th A Celebration of Pride: First Capital Entertainment, DJ DerrEckshun @ Tit Nan Og
June 17th Dwayne Gretzky, The Breadwinners @cThe Grandstand at MacKinnon Bros. Brewery
June 17th DND Jazz + Special Guests @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 17th Chris Giguere & The Final Say @ The Mansion
June 17th Engine 10-95 @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 17th Don and Denis @ Spearhead Brewery
June 17th A Celebration of Pride: John Clement @ Tir Nan Og
June 18th Dave Mowat Trio @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 18th Mauricio Montecinos @ The Mansion
June 18th Neil Carter @ Spearhead Brewery
June 21st Skeleton Park Arts Fest 2023 @ McBurney Park
June 21st Five Dollar Dates @ Spearhead Brewery
June 22nd Patrick Dilkie / Emma Worley @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 22nd Neil Carter @ Tir Nan Og
June 23rd Brian Flynn, Andrew Vanhorn @ Tir Nan Og
June 24th Emma Cook @ Wolfe Island Hotel
June 24th Kevin Davidson & Peter Copp @ The Mansion
June 24th Richard Cranuim @ Royal Tavern 2.0
June 24th Thomas Mastin @ Spearhead Brewery
June 24th Jonah McLean & The Gimmicks @ Tir Nan Og
June 25th Lynn Miles @ Leopard Frog Farm
June 25th Yan-Nick Michaud @ The Mansion
June 25th Bobby Cameron @ Spearhead Brewery
June 27th Music in the Park: Savannah Shea @ Confederation Park
June 29th Princess Towers, Funeral Lakes, Piner@Hotel Wolfe Island
June 30th Christopher Jackson & Friends @ Blu Martini
June 30th Voodoo Sometimes @ Hotel Wolfe Island
June 30th Close out Pride and SWEAT Rave @ The next Church
June 30th The Change @ R.C.H.A club

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