Mother Tongues and Jared Mattson

Prepare yourselves for a magical, musical journey as we bring you a mesmerizing live performance by one of Toronto’s most loved psyche-rock quintets, Mother Tongues, sharing the stage with the phenomenal guitarist and songwriter, Jared Mattson from NYC. Embracing the essence of the psychedelic musical tradition, Mother Tongues, active since 2014, delivers an unexplored, fresh take on mystic melodies that will transport you to a different realm. The band’s debut release, “Everything You Wanted,” exemplifies their unique sound, offering a link to the past and a glimpse into the future.
Joining them on tour is the remarkable Jared Mattson, known for his rich, bass-prominent soundscapes inspired by the guitar work of reggae stalwarts and a knack for exploring lyrical themes of anxiety, loss, and love. His solo debut album, ‘Peanut’, emerged from a profoundly introspective period during the pandemic, encapsulating reflections on past relationships and personal growth. From the vibrant rhythms of “Burn Down Babylon” to the melodic pop flourishes of “Please Come Here,” Mattson’s music unfolds like a string of fascinating clouds, each carrying a unique electric charge.
Don’t miss this rare chance to witness these two extraordinary acts unite on one stage, promising an unforgettable night of transcendent music. Revel in the mysticism of Mother Tongues and the emotive melodies of Jared Mattson as they redefine the contours of psychedelic and pop music. We look forward to welcoming you for an evening that’s guaranteed to be as captivating as it is transformative.

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