Calling all music enthusiasts and climate activists! We invite you to join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking live performance called “Music Declares Emergency: Climate Activism in the Music Scene.” This event aims to shed light on the crucial role that the music industry can play in addressing the climate crisis and mobilizing change.

Last summer, as Canada experienced devastating wildfires and unprecedented flooding, the United Nations Climate Working Group report sounded the alarm, labeling it “a code red for humanity.” It is estimated that the music industry alone contributes 20-60 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent per year. However, musicians possess a unique ability to shape people’s hearts and minds and have a profound influence on their audiences and fans.

During this event, we will delve into the various aspects of the music industry that contribute to its carbon footprint. From streaming platforms, venues, and staging to touring, travel, festivals, and live music performances, we will explore what is currently being done to address the climate crisis and discuss how the music sector can take a leading role in combating the emergency.

We are delighted to announce that Brighid Fry, one half of the award-winning duo Housewife (formerly known as Moscow Apartment), will be joining us. Brighid, at the young age of 19, has already immersed herself in the movement for Climate Justice. With experience performing at rallies, protests, and fundraisers, she brings a unique perspective to the conversation. Brighid also co-founded Music Declares Emergency Canada, a platform dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing the music industry to take action.

Joining Brighid is Kim Fry, a co-founder, board member, and coordinator of Music Declares Emergency Canada. Kim’s extensive background as an elementary school teacher, union and climate justice activist, environmental campaigner, storyteller, and music manager makes her a valuable voice in this conversation. Her dedication to energy efficiency and climate action is truly inspiring.

Together, we will explore innovative solutions and strategies to decarbonize the music industry while harnessing its immense potential to inspire positive change. We believe that by coming together as a community, we can amplify the urgent message of the climate emergency through the power of music.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be part of the movement for change.
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