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Live Music Round-Up

April 1, 2018 - April 30, 2018

Below is a list of all of the live music events taking place in Kingston, Ontario in the month of April 2018.

This list is checked and verified every Monday however please be sure to check with the venue prior to going a show – plans change.

Checking the venues Twitter account is a good way to see what’s going on.

Here’s the breakdown:

1st:Devin Runions, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki)
2nd:Jonas Lewis Anthony (The Mansion), Joe McLeod (Musiikki)
3rd:Open Mic (Musiikki), Dave Barton (Olivea)
4th:Queen's Jazz Ensemble (The Mansion), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Open Mic (Sir John's), Open Mic (Rose & Crown)
5th:PSC Trio (The Mansion), Smitty (The Merchant), Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Craig Jones & the Alternative Facts (RCHA),
6th:Erez Zobary, Adam Eisen (The Mansion), Jordy Jackson Band (The Merchant), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), The OM Sound (Musiikki), Knuckel Hed (Raxx), Lynn Hanson, Rob Loree, River City Junction (RCHA)
7th:Calamity Janes (The Mansion), The Stares (The Merchant), Myrie (Musiikki), Texas Tuxedo (Raxx), A Night of Metal (Overtime), Up Jumped Da Blues (RCHA)
8th:Devin Runions, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Jeff Tweedy (Grand Theatre)
9th:Jonas Lewis Anthony (The Mansion), Euro Cafe Duo (Musiikki)
10th:Joe Vickers (Musiikki), Open Mic (Musiikki), Downtown Trio (Olivea)
11th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Open Mic (Sir John's), Open Mic (Rose & Crown)
12th:Lost in Japan, Nolan Hubbard Band, Georgia Straights, Glass Cactus (The Mansion), Smitty (The Merchant), Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Celtic Jam (RCHA)
13th:Tiger Uppercut, Hallowood, The Straight Teeth (The Mansion), Luscious (The Merchant), The Change, Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Al Duquette (Musiikki), Ambush (Raxx), Spring Fever with The Change (Blu Martini), MichaeL myers, K.B.S. presents Raoul & The Big Time (RCHA)
14th:Chris Morris (The Mansion), River City Junction (The Merchant), Trilogy (Blu Martini), Holy Wow/Lew Phillips (Musiikki), DJ1LOVE (Raxx), Johnny Reid (K-Rock), Limestone Rock N Roll Revue (RCHA)
15th:Devin Runions, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Mike Allen Trio (RCHA)
16th:Jonas Lewis Anthony (The Mansion),
17th:Open Mic (Musiikki), Michelle Kasaboski (Olivea)
18th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Open Mic (Sir John's), Open Mic (Rose & Crown)
19th:Venus Syndrome, Strings Attached, The Groove Commute (The Mansion), Smitty (The Merchant), Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki)
20th:Papepac Launch Party (The Mansion), Knuckel Hed (The Merchant), Chris Jackson, The Blushing Brides (Blu Martini), Rufus/Shayla (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh Group (Raxx), Gary Rasberry, Hat Trick! (RCHA), Bon Evans (Riverhead)
21st:Poker Nite (The Merchant), Betsy Smith (Musiikki), Daisytrain (Raxx), Swiftkick Rocks The Ports (Portsmouth Tavern), Pat Temple & The HiLo Players (RCHA), Far from Venus (Riverhead)
22nd:Jonas Lewis Anthony (The Mansion), Devin Runions, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Standards@7 (RCHA)
24th:Open Mic (Musiikki), Spencer Evans (Olivea)
25th:Shawn James/The Wilderness (Musiikki), Open Mic (Sir John's), Open Mic (Rose & Crown)
26th:Smitty (The Merchant), Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Celtic Kitchen Party (RCHA)
27th:Dirty Doc (The Mansion), Overrated (The Merchant), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Ava Wild/Brodie (Musiikki), Tone Kats (Raxx), Doug Reansbury, Fast Forward to Friday (RCHA), Kent Nicholson (Riverhead)
28th:The Beta 58's, Hot Lips (The Mansion), Ten Minute Detour (The Merchant), Graham Nicolas/Paisley Fields (Musiikki), Rudy & Saddle Up (Raxx), Big Phat Horn band (RCHA), Soloman Woodland (Riverhead)
29th:Devin Runions, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Room With A View (RCHA)
30th:Jonas Lewis Anthony (The Mansion),


April 1, 2018
April 30, 2018
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Downtown Kingston
Princess St & Surrounding Area
Kingston, Ontario Canada