Live Music May 2023

YGK live music listing for the month of May 2023.

Big Month in Music featuring Homegrown live Music Festival 2023

Live Music will be updated through out the month and sent out every Thursday on social media.

Be sure to check with each venue prior to attending a show as plans change, sometimes with just hours before the show.





May 25th: Aaron Davis, Joey Wright, Mike Eckert @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 25th: Siydock, Private Label @ Musiikki
May 25th: Ghetto Express @ The Toucan
May 25th: The Last Call Band @ The Buckle
May 26th: Super Vinhtendo @ Musiikki
May 26th: Ted Lalonde @ Caesar Co
May 26th: Andrew & Friends @ Tir Nan Og
May 26th: Crazy Arm, Eamon McGreath @ THe Mansion
May 26th: R3tro Fit5 @ The Merchant
May 26th: Christopher Jackson @ Blu Martini
May 27th: Pocket Lint @ Musiikki
May 27th: Powder Finger @ Spearhead
May 27th: Thomas Mastin @ Caesar Co
May 27th: Dennis Ellsworth / Graven @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 27th: Dirty Doc @ The Mansion
May 28th: Afternoons w/ Savannah, Kevin Bowers @ Musiikki
May 28th: Danny Derue @ Caesar Co
May 28th: Jay Smith @ The Buckle
May 28th: Frank Ryan @ Spearhead
May 28th: Mark Godfrey @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 31st: Leahy @ Grand Theatre

Previous live music eventse in May.

May 3rd: The Ennis Sisters @ Dog house studios
May 4th: Neil Carter @ Tir Nan Óg
May 4th: Mat Almedia @ Musiikki
May 4th: Chris Murphy @ R.C.H.A club
May 4th: Jeff Dunn @ The Royal Tavern 2.0
May 4th: Frank Ryan & Havona @ The Toucan
May 4th: Clear Breeze @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 5th: Beta 58s @ The Mansion
May 5th: Brian Flynn & Andrew Vanhorn @ Tir nan Og
May 5th: Hat Trick @ R.C.H.A club
May 5th: Five Dollar Dates @ Caesar Co
May 5th: Dennis Bouwman, DCB with Redwoods and Birch @ The Toucan
May 5th: Christopher Jackson @ Blu Martini
May 5th: Ky Anto @ Musiikki
May 5th: Overrated @ The Merchant
May 5th: Scotty & The Naughtys @ The Royal Tavern 2.0
May 5th: Brown, Hawkins & Stanley @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 6th: Frontenac Women’s Chorus @ Verona Free Methodist Church
May 6th: Mini Pop Kids @ The Grand Theatre
May 6th: The Celtic Kitchen Party @ Tir Nan Og
May 6th: HomeGrown Live Music Festival @ Various locations
May 6th: Juvenis Battle of the Bands @ Springer Market Square
May 6th: Revmatic w/ Valyear and No Limits @ Overtime
May 6th: Friends of Ferals feat. The China Cat Riders @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 7th: Atiari @ Spearheads Brewery
May 7th: Nolan Hubbard @ Caesar Co
May 7th: Jay Smith @ The Buckle
May 7th: Afternoons w/ Savannah, Lukey Pell @ Musiikki
May 10th: Doug Paisley @ The Grad Club
May 11th: Jeff Dunn @ R.C.H.A Club
May 11th: Universal Honey @ Blu Martini
May 11th: Queen: It’s Kinda Magic @ Grand Theatre
May 11th: Octoberman: Album Release @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 11th: Ace of Wands @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 12th: Brian Flynn & Andrew Vanhorn @ Tir Nan Og
May 12th: Good Miss Gracious @ R.C.H.A club
May 12th: The Pinkertons @ The Royal Tavern 2.0
May 13th: Rewind @ R.C.H.A club
May 13th: Vilivant @ The Mansion
May 13th: Pearl & The Oysters @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 13th: Retro Kings @Spearhead Brewery
May 14th: Jill Barber @ The Isabel
May 14th: Neil Carter @ Spearhead Brewery
May 15th: Peter Zummo with Sandro Perri and Sing Leaf @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 17th: Miesha & The Spanks @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 18th: Siydock, Lukey Pell @ Musiikki
May 18th: Frank Ryan @ The Mansion
May 18th: Neil Carter @ The Buckle (1pm-4pm), The Last Call Band @ The Buckle (7pm-10pm)
May 18th: Standards@7 @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 18th: Clem Chesterfield @ RCHA
May 19th: Fakejazz Orchestra @ Musiikki
May 19th: John Torres @ The Buckle
May 19th: Miss Emily @ Isabel
May 19th: The Soul Motions @ RCHA
May 19th: Kate & Scott @ Caesar Co (6pm-9pm), Leo Ragusa – Chris Carvalho – Jacobus Live DJ Event (10pm-2am)
May 19th: Christopher Jackson, Latin Beat Band @ Blu Martini
May 20th: Burs @ Musiikki
May 20th: Clear Breeze & KaKaow @ The Mansion (Earthquake Relief Fundraiser for Turkey)
May 20th: Cole LeBlanc @ Caesar Co
May 20th: Maximum Chill, China Cat Riders, Private Label @ Overtime
May 20th: Marion Drexler Band @ RCHA
May 20th: Chris Jackson @ Spearheads Brewery
May 20th: Jelly Train @ Blu Martini
May 20th: River City Junction @ The Buckle
May 20th: DND Jazz @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 20th: Lisa Leeman & Friends @ Royal Tavern 2.0
May 21st: Jay Smith @ The Buckle
May 21st: Afternoons w/ Savannah, Swing & Game @ Musiikki
May 21st: CHEO Benefit Concert featur Christos Greek, Echoes, Texas Tuxedo, Sweet Machete, Freaks N’ Geeks @ OVertime
May 21st: John Southworth @ Wolfe Island Hotel
May 21st: Thomas Maston @ Tommys
May 21st: Scott Owen @ The Brass
May 23rd: An evening with Hayden @ The Isabel
May 23rd: Courtney Kane @ The Buckle
May 24th: Five Dollar Dates @ Spearheads Brewery
May 24th: Whiskey Smoke @ The Buckle

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