Leahy in Concert

A night of vibrant musical celebration as the renowned Canadian family band, Leahy, takes center stage at the Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario. The nine-member family troupe has a long-standing tradition of delivering unforgettable performances, and this show promises to be no exception.
As the crowd gathers at the historic venue, anticipation fills the air. Fans of Leahy know that the band’s signature fusion of Celtic and contemporary music will create an unparalleled atmosphere, which will resonate throughout the evening. Combining heart-stirring harmonies, lively instrumentation, and fiery step-dancing, Leahy consistently leaves concertgoers spellbound.
The band’s impressive musicianship will be on full display, as members showcase their multi-instrumental talents, switching seamlessly between fiddle, piano, guitar, and percussion. To make the night even more memorable, some of Leahy’s own children, who have become accomplished artists in their own right, will join their parents on stage, adding to the familial magic that runs through each performance. Get your Tickets HERE
This special performance will be filmed live, so you’ll also get a chance to see some behind the scenes action, too. Please note, by purchasing tickets, you consent to being present during the recording.

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