Live Music

This is a listing of all live music taking place in Kingston for the month of April, 2023.

A lot of venues don’t announce who is playing until closer to the weekend.

So we update this listing every Thursday.

Plans change, so if there is an act you wish to see please check with the venue prior to attending.

They will usually post any changes on social media.

April 27th: Cory Marks @ The Buckle
April 27th: Lukey Pell @ Musiikki
April 27th: Beats Workin at R.C.H.A club
April 28th: Road Apples @ Grand Theatre
April 28th: Birds of Bellwoods at the Mansion
April 28th: Open Mic with Lukey and Friends @ Spearhead
April 28th Charlie Houston @ Caesar Co
April 28th: Andrew & Friends at Tir nan Og
April 28th: Super Vihntendo @ Musiikki
April 28th: KnucKel HeD @ The Merchant
April 28th: Christopher Jackson & Friends at Blu Martini
April 29th: Fast Forward to Friday At Spearhead Brewery
April 29th: Manic Boys And Girls Club, w/ Skeleton Park Radio at the Mansion
April 29th: Evan Jackson @ Musiikki
April 29th: Bon Evans Band @ Blu Martini
April 29th: The Soul Motions @ Royal Tavern 2.0
April 29th: FABB Returns @ The Toucan
April 29th: Deborah Lynn At Caesar Co
April 29th: Geoff Marshall at Wolfe Island Hotel
April 29th: Tim Loten at Mackinnon Bros
April 30th: Jay “Smitty” Smith @ The Buckle
April 30th: The Dixie Six at The Toucan
April 30th: Afternoons w/ Savannah, Kevin Bowers @ Musiikki
April 30th Kevin California at Spearhead Brewery
April 30th:Ian Thomas At the Grand Theatre

April 1st Nice on at Musiikki Cafe
April 1st Big Wreck Grand Theatre
April 1st Kids in the House: David Archibald at Kingston community house
April 1st The Stares at Holy Cross Secondary School
April 1st Sarah Harmer and Kate Fenner at Hotel Wolfe island
April 1st Jordy Jackson at Caesar Company

April 4th: Skeleton Park Radio at the Mansion

April 5th: Ale-Palooza feat. Rooftop Caravan at Ale House
April 6th: Alpen Glow at Hotel wolfe Island
April 6th: B.A. Johnston at the Toucan
April 6th: Royal Jam @ Blu Martini
April 6th: Chris Murphy @ RCHA
April 7th: Whiskey Smoke At the RCHA Club
April 7th The Codas at the Mansion
April 7th: Christopher Jackson & Friends @ Blu Martini
April 7th: Whiskey Smoke @ RCHA
April 7th Your Grandad at the Toucan
April 8th: Ted Lalonde at Caesar Company
April 8th: Back Swing at Raxx
April 8th: Bob Robertson @ RCHA
April 8th: Apollo Suns at Blu Martini
April 13th: Cody Allen James & Good Co. @ The Toucan
April 13th: Ducks in the Attic, Red Compass Rose @ The Mansion
April 14th: Yamato Drummers at Grand Theatre
April 14th: Les Bouches Bées at Octave Theatre
April 14th: Thomas Mastin @ Caesar Co
April 14th: The Stares @ The Merchant
April 14th: Doug Didge VanderHorden @ Blu Martini
April 14th: Andrew & Friends @ Tir Nan Og
April 14th: Charles Cleyn with Taylor Adams @ The Mansion
April 14th: Stephen Stanley at The Toucan
April 15th: Shook Planet at The Toucan
April 15th: The Trevor Walsh Group @ Blu Martini
April 15th: Five Dollar Dates @ Caesar Co
April 15th: Pops Three your hit parade at the Grand Theatre
April 16th Protest The Hero at the Broom Factory
April 16th: Scott Owen Live @ The Brass Pub
April 16th: Danny Derue @ Caesar Co
April 18th: Matt Andersen and The Big Bottle of Joy At the Grand Theatre
April 21st Trevor Walsh at Caesar Co
April 21st Versatile rock at St. Larrys Pub SLC
April 21st Mellow Lily at the Loaf N Ale
April 21st Stoneover @ The Mansion
April 21st Big Mule @ The Merchant
April 21st Parabolus @ Overtime
April 21st: The China Cat Riders & The Mill Rights @ The Toucan
April 21st Christopher Jackson & Friends @ Blu Martini
April 21st Corin Raymond & The Sundowners at Octave Theatre
April 22nd NQ Arbuckle at The Grad Club
April 22nd John Torres at Tir Nan Og
April 22nd Sydney Riley at spearhead Brewery
April 22nd Nolan Hubbard @ Caesar Co
April 22nd Savannah Shea at MacKinnon bros Brewery
April 22nd DND Jazz Trio at Wolfe Island Hotel
April 23rd Mellow Lily at MacKinnon Bros Brewery
April 23rd Oliver Spitts at The Mansion
April 23rd Scott Palmater at Spearhead
April 26th Jesse Cook: The Libre Tour at the Grand Theatre
April 26th: Lee Brice at the Leons Centre
April 26th Kellie Loder at the Grad club
April 26th five dollar dates at spearhead
April 26th Kellie Loder at the Grad Club
April 26th Jessie Cook at Grand Theatre

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