Alpen Glow & Boyhood Live

Alpen Glow is a captivating solo project by Montreal-based visual artist and musician, Amery Sandford. Sandford, who is also a member of BBQT and Born at Midnite, takes an unscripted approach to music composition and production. Her debut EP, Amertape 2020, explored themes of digital realities and the creation of personas. With catchy hooks and upbeat melodies, Alpen Glow’s music draws inspiration from commercial pop, but with an added touch of minimalistic instrumentation. Sandford’s lyrics are witty and insightful, addressing issues such as self-reflection and the longing for human connection. In 2022, Sandford teamed up with a group of accomplished Montreal musicians, including Jack Bielli, Sarah Harris, and Frank Climenhage, to form a live band. Together, they are currently working on Alpen Glow’s first LP and performing shows across Canada. If you are looking for an electrifying live performance, catch Alpen Glow & Boyhood (solo) Ontario guitar royalty at the Hotel Wolfe Island.

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