Top 10 Kingston Events in September 2014

Wow – is it really September already? This has been one of the fastest Summers we’ve ever felt.

It’s probably mainly due to the weather – but it really has just flown by. We only made it up to Picton twice this year compared to previous years where it was at least once per week.

Of course for many parents – one of the top events this month is probably the kids going back to school! As someone who works from home I had a big grin on my face that I just couldn’t wipe off, as I took the kids to school yesterday. Of course then you come home and the place feels just empty.

We’ve got a lot of events coming up this month. Highlights include a couple of different food fests, sports events and some great events for the kids. Let’s get to it:

September 5th-7th: Ribfest & Craft Beer Show

This is the 2nd annual Ribfest, and a great place to go on the weekend. There are some great breweries there, and also some delicious ribs. Finish off the week in style by heading to the Memorial Centre for Ribfest – it begins on Friday, September 5th and is on the Saturday and Sunday too. All the details: Ribfest.

September 6th: Golden Gaels vs Ottawa Gee Gees

If you’re a Queens football fan then you’ll be going to Richardson Stadium no doubt for the Golden Gaels home opener, where they face the Ottawa Gee Gees. The Gaels kicked off the season with a big 39-30 win over Windsor, and they’ll be hoping for a repeat result over Ottawa. All the Details.

September 11th-14th: Kingston Fall Fair

This is the 184th Kingston Fall Fair, and it takes place from September 11th through September 14th. There’s a food court, petting zoo, magician, reptiple zoo, horse shows and much more. For more information, read our entry on the Kingston Fall Fair.

September 13th: Three Decades of Elvis

This has been getting great reviews, and at the Grand Theatre on September 13th you can go and see Three Decades of Elvis. This is a great Elvis tribute, and one that fans of Elvis, or music in general, shouldn’t miss. Prices are very fair too for what is about 2 hours of entertainment. More Details.

September 20th: The Rocking Horse County Fair

Be sure to head downtown on Saturday, September 20th. As part of the Princess St Promenade we have the first annual Rocking Horse County Fair. There’s popcorn, a pie eating competition, lego building contest, prizes, various games and much more. Here’s more information on that and be sure to spend all day downtown for the Promenade, always a great event.

And if you want to read more information about it, here’s our page on The Princess St Promenade.

September 24th-28th: Kingston Writersfest

Featuring the likes of Ian Coutts, Stephen Brunt, Wally Lamb and more – Kingston Writersfest is a great event. There are 57 separate events taking place over the 4 days, with a great selection for everyone. Here is all the details on Writersfest as well as ticket prices.

September 25th: The Creepshow

The Mansion always has some great music going, but the highlight this month is without a doubt The Creepshow. This is going to be a packed and great show, featuring the likes of The Rotted Roots Ramblers and Pint Nite as well. Full details.

September 26th: Kingston Frontenacs vs Ottawa 67s

The Frontenacs are back! Their home opener is on September 26th, down at the K-Rock Centre. Be sure to be there to cheer on the Frontenacs. Here is the full Frontenacs schedule for all of their home games.

September 27th: Childrens Thrift Sale

It’s time for the 24th Bi-annual Children’s Thrift sale. If you have kids, this is one event you don’t want to miss out on. They have just an absolute incredible amount of toys, books, puzzles, hockey gear and so much more. These events are always PACKED too – just a warning if you show up at 8am there will be a massive line! Here’s all the details.

September 27th: Chilifest

We start the month off with Ribfest, and finish it with Chilifest. Chilifest is always a blast and it’s not just the food – there is lots of great entertainment for the kids as well and the prices are very reasonable. It takes place in Confederation Park, and here is all the details.

There are many more events in Kingston this month of course, including the Imagination Movers at the Grand Theatre. Check out the Kingston Events Calendar for it all.