Depositing at Online Casinos Safely

Doing any sort of online transaction is obviously something that concerns a lot of people. Whether it’s doing your banking online or purchasing something off Amazon where you have to hand over your credit card details – you just never know when you’re at risk.

Online gambling is something that is gaining in popularity however is still very concerning to a lot of people. If you’re doing something such as sports betting for example, it makes much more sense to do it online as opposed to going to the local convenience shop and betting on pro line. Just one reason for that is the odds – you get a lot better bang for your buck if betting online as opposed to pro line with sometimes double or triple the return.

With OLG now offering an online casino for people to play it it has a lot of people enticed in online gambling and they are looking to venture out beyond OLG. Why wouldn’t you? There are so many online casinos out there that accept Canadians with all of them offering big deposit bonuses. If you’re going to be gambling online you may as well do it with the houses money.

The big concern of course is what sites you can trust. That’s why one of the most trustworthy online affiliate sites,, has set up a deposit guarantee. has been online for over a decade and while it promotes online casinos like many other portals out there, it has the strictest rules in regard to who it will promote. You can be certain that any online casino found at The Pogg is one that you can trust completely.

And as if that wasn’t enough, deposit guarantee will protect you in case there’s any issues. If you run into any problems at all will be there to step in. Here’s the exact terms in regard to their seal:

“At any venue that displays our seal, if you experience a dispute that leads to an unjustified seizure funds, will guarantee that you’ll receive your deposit back from our own wallet if the casino in question won’t do the right thing.”

If you check online you will see that there are a handful of times where that did occur and The Pogg stepped in to remedy things and return the user their funds.

Of course it’s something you most likely won’t have to worry about if you are looking to play online as long as you go through If you compare them to any other casino portals you will see that they promote less casinos than most. The reason is simple – they have the strictest requirements in regard to a casino and their licensing. They have the deposit guarantee at simply because they trust that the online casinos or gambling sites they promote is one where you will have a good experience at.

So if you are looking to deposit online to play at an online casino outside of the OLG Casinos be sure to have a look at Deposit Guarantee first. Why take a risk when you don’t have to?