Canadian Casino Bonuses & Rewards

Let’s be honest – when we’re going to play a casino, be it online or live, we all know in the back of our head that we’re going to lose.

Well, I’d hope so anyway.

Casinos are designed for us to lose money in the long run however that doesn’t mean we should avoid them altogether. A large part of attending a casino is just for the entertainment value alone – playing Blackjack, playing Craps etc.

It’s all for fun and if you lose $20 in an hour having fun, it’s no big deal. Especially when you’re not always losing – sometimes you’re leaving the casino as a big winner. So it’s worth the risk.

One thing that makes playing at a casino that much better is a rewards program, a promotion or comps.

Take the Shorelines Casino in Gananoque for example. They have an AXIS Rewards program. So winning or losign you’re earning rewards points that will give you benefits down the road. So even if you’re losing, you’re still “winning”.

Their rewards program has four different levels – Blue, Silver, Gold and PrivĂ© – the latter by invitation only. You get various rewards such as exclusive offers, comps that you can redeem for free meals (and the steak there is excellent), exclusive invites to events etc.

Then they also run various promotions throughout the week such as Tournament Tuesday which is Free to Enter, or Midnight Madness where people earn 2x rewards points and so on.

Now while all that is nice – you can get the same at an online casino but then so much more.

Online casinos don’t have the operating costs of an actual land based casino so they are a lot more flexible with what they can offer the player. It’s also a lot more competitive – and in this industry, competition is good. For example if there was a casino in Kingston, you’d see Shorelines Casino up their game as why would people drive all the way to Gananoque when they’d get the same fun at home?

The biggest way online casinos in Canada work is with their bonuses. They offer a wide variety of online casino bonuses ranging from deposit bonuses to reload bonuses. Casino Bonuses Now is a great resource for casino bonuses for Canadian players.

You’ll see a wide variety of different online casino bonuses for Canadians there. You’ll see 100% signup bonuses where you deposit $100, they automatically give you $100. Or then multiple deposit bonuses where you get a match of 100% on your first deposit bonus, then 50% on your 2nd deposit bonus and so on.

The nice thing is you’re not restricted to just one casino. You can jump from online casino to online casino. So you can simply bookmark the online casino bonuses for Canada page over at CBN, and then slowly work your way through.

They also do some of the hard work for you – laying out the basic terms and conditions if you hover over the information icon. Then you can get an idea of what the casino requires.

Just be sure to read the full terms and conditions of each bonus. While all the casinos listed on that page are trustworthy, there can be a lot of tricky terms and conditions such as being only able to play a specific game to clear the bonus etc.