My name is Graeme and I own and run, the premier event listing website for the Kingston area. I’m originally from Scotland but have lived in Kingston for over 20 years, currently residing in the Inner Harbour area. has been online since August 2014 and has been growing at an incredible rate, with tens of thousands of visitors and social followers. I’m looking to partner with some businesses in the area to advertise them which will also help me out in regard to handling the growth of the website and
taking the site to the next level.

YGK Events reaches both people residing in the Kingston area, and tourists planning on visiting Kingston.

YGK By the Numbers:

  • 4,400 Facebook Followers
  • 3,500 Twitter Followers
  • 1,800 Instagram Followers
  • 70,000 different people each year visit
  • 12,000 e-mail newsletter subscribers

I’ve been doing digital marketing and operating websites since 1996 and as my full time job running my own digital marketing company since 2010. I’m well versed in social marketing, search engine optimization and I’ve spent the last few years on YGK Events really getting to understand the Kingston audience. Figuring out what they’re most interested in, what gets a reaction, and testing out various ad spots on the site to see what works and what doesn’t.

Long story short – I’ll be able to drive both Kingstonians and tourists to your business all year round.

I offer both short term advertising and long term advertising depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for just a social media blast advertising your event or sale then we offer that. Here are the details on those:

Lite Shoutout Package: $25+HST. One post on all of our social media channels advertising your event/sale/venue.

Premium Shoutout Package: $50+HST. Two posts on all of our social media channels advertising your event/sale/venue over the course of 14 days. Two weeks of banners being displayed on in rotation in the 4 different banner spots available.

Advertorials: Case by case basis dependent on what you are looking for. Contact me for more details

For all of the above, contact me at

I started this website pro bono, and have ran it that way for many years, simply because I love the city of Kingston and wanted to support the events and festivals being held here, as well as local businesses. Heck I love it so much I even have a tattoo of Kingston City Hall on my leg:

(Courtesy of the INCREDIBLE Joel Conroy at True North Tattoo)

I’m simply looking to take the site to the next level in terms of reach, and features for visitors such as a weekly newsletter covering events, a Kingston podcast etc. All of this will then benefit your business and give you even more value as these are additional mediums I will be able to promote your business, as no extra cost.

In the past YGK Events has sponsored local community events such as the Kingston Zombie Walk, and has supported local events financially such as the Skeleton Park Arts Festival. I am also a monthly financial contributor to the Kingston Humane Society and the Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative.

YGK Events Advertising Package:

The YGK Events Advertising Package consists of all of the following:

  Text Ads: In-event listing natural text advertising – our most powerful form of advertising.

  Banner Ads: 4 separate rotating banner ads in sidebar, event wide, directory and footer.

  Blog Post Advertising: Advertising within blog posts, showcasing your business.

  Social Media Marketing: Advertising for your business on our social media channels.

  Calendar Advertising: Advertising a special or a promotion at your business on our event calendar.

  Featured Event Promotion: Select events at your business will be given Featured Event status.

  Directory listing: A comprehensive listing of your business with multiple links to increase your rankings.

You can see examples of all of these advertising options in the gallery below using various local businesses as examples:

Advertising Rates:

There are two packages on offer. The first is all of the above on a month by month contract with a minimum of three month commitment. The cost of this is just $150 per month. However I’m also offering an annual contract and this is one I much prefer as it works better for both of us. If you subscribe to the annual contract, you get two months free. So it is just $1200 for 12 months plus HST, plus a satisfaction guarantee.

And trust me – I’ll make sure you are more than satisfied with the work I put in driving people to your business!

Here are what you get within each advertising package:

Monthly Annual
$150 /month
$1200 /year
Event Text Advertising
Banner Advertising
Featured Events
Business Directory Basic Listing
Business Directory Featured Listing
E-Mail Newsletter Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Blog Post Advertising
Targeted Marketing Within Content
Advertising on Events Calendar
Satisfaction Guarantee

Prior to purchase I will provide a contract for us to sign listing the specifics of the types of advertising, a complete outline of what advertising I will be implementing for your business, and what you get from the forms of advertising. I will work with you to make sure we offer the best form of advertising both for your business, and for the YGK Events audience.

You can contact me at or call/text (613) 305-3527.