T&C / Privacy Policy

Welcome to the terms and conditions for our website – also coupling as the disclaimer and privacy policy.

Quick note that two domains work for this site. http://www.YGKEvents.com and http://www.YGKEvents.com. The website in your address bar will be YGKEvents.com and if you go to YGKEvents.com it will forward to YGKEvents.com.

We will be referencing YGKEvents.com throughout this article, as that is the primary domain we use for marketing purposes and it’s a lot easier to type in!

First thing to note – we don’t use cookies on this website. We don’t track where you click or what events you look at or anything like that. Like almost all websites however, your visits are logged. Information displayed to us includes your IP Address, type of browser, what ISP you are using, what page you came in on and what page you exited as well as demographic information.

None of that information ever identifies who you are or anything – it’s just standard information gathered from all websites. We barely look at it – the only times we do are to make a better website for you. For example – we look at what our most popular content is and make sure we have more of it. Or we look at screen resolutions and see that 13% of people are using 800×600 resolution – so we test the website just to make sure it looks good in that resolution.

You can submit events to us free of charge. We require your e-mail address to notify you that the event is listed but we don’t save it or anything or use it to market to you so don’t worry about that. If, after an event has passed you want it removed from the website just contact us.

We make money from this website with two methods:

(1) Featured Events. If you have an event coming up, you can get it featured on our site. We won’t push it at the expense of other events or anything like that – we’ll just make sure it has maximum exposure to all of our web vistors. Submitting events is always free here at YGKEvents.com.

(2) Google Adsense. You may see some ads on the website and some of them may even scare you! You look at Amazon.ca for a Captain America halloween costume, then you’re on our website later in the day and you see ads for a Captain America costume. Freaky, right?

This is how Google Adsense works. It displays personalized advertising where possible to you. It’s a third party vendor that DOES actually use cookies to serve the ads here. So it keeps note of your searches so it can display personalized advertising for you. It also will display ads based on what website you are viewing at times – so you may see ads based on Kingston, Ontario or events happening here etc.

You can opt out of this personalized advertising – known as the DART cookie – here: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

Adsense receives your IP address as well, to help deliver personalized ads to you. You can also disable cookies via your web browser.