Check-In Specials

Although it’s nowhere near as big as it is in the United States, more and more businesses in Canada are adapting to and utilizing social media. The basics are Twitter and Facebook, but there are a few businesses that also see the potential in check-ins at the likes of Foursquare.

On this page, we’re going to go through every business that we know of in Kingston, and list any specials that they offer. Whether it’s a free appetizer for checking in on Facebook, a free upsize for tweeting about them or a free drink for checking in on Foursquare.

Here are the current social networking deals offered in Kingston, filtered by app/website:

Kingston, Ontario Facebook Specials:

None that we know of. If you know of any, please let us know.

Kingston, Ontario Twitter Specials:

None that we know of. If you know of any, please let us know.

Kingston, Ontario Foursquare Specials:

To see all Foursquare specials, within the app click “Search” then “Specials”.

None that we know of. If you know of any, please let us know.

Kingston, Ontario Yelp Specials:

To see any Yelp specials, you need to run the Yelp app and select “Nearby”. Then under categories choose “Check-In Offers” to see all of the Yelp offers.

These are the current offers in Yelp:

  • Annex Registered Massage Therapy & Spa: 119 Princess Street. 1 free Brow Wax.
  • City Spa 560: 267 Ontario Street. 25% off any regular service.
  • Dolan Smoking: 289 Princess Street. 10% off a water pipe.
  • Dolce Bella Spa: 8 Cataraqui Street. 20% off one service.
  • Presotea: 20 Market St. 10% off all regular price items.
  • Sabaya Spa: 186 Wellington Street. 20% off any treatment.
  • St. Lawrence Optometry: 276b Concession Street. 1 free glasses cleaning kit.
  • The Sapphire Room: 376 Barrie St. 15% off your first visit to the salon.
  • Total Diva Boutique Spa: 336 Princess St. 10% off any salon or spa service.
  • Windmills: 184 Princess St. 10% off your food purchase.

Yelp Errors: Please note that the Yelp app actually has some incorrect information. James Brett Coiffure(25% off first service) is listed in the Yelp App but we were contacted by them and told this is not offered. Beardall Animal Hospital($10 off first visit) is also listed in there, but we were also contacted by them and informed this is not a legitimate offer they have. Thanks to these businesses for reaching out.


If there are any check-in specials that we are missing, please let us know. If there’s a new app out that we don’t have listed above that has check-in specials, let us know so we can list it. You can also leave a comment below.

We verify this list for accuracy once a month. The last verification was on September 1st, 2015.

To take advantage of any of these specials just download the app on your Smartphone. All of the details are there but it’s a case of going to the place, checking in and then information will usually pop up on your phone providing a coupon code for the cashier to use.

If you use Foursquare and you got the notification about moving check-ins to Swarm; at the moment, it appears that you will still be able to check-in via Foursquare. We checked the app Swarm and didn’t see anything there about specials, while we were still able to check in via Foursquare.

If you are a local business, considering offering Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Yelp specials. It’s advertising for you on multiple levels. If you’re curious about it you can send us a message and we can chat more.

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