Feature Your Event

At YGKEvents.com, submitting events will always be free. However we offer the option for you to add additional promotion to your event and get more eyes on it as a Featured YGK Event.

There are no guarantees that this will sell out your event or anything, however it will get the most eyes possible in Kingston on your event, reaching out to over 30,000 people residing in Kingston or surrounding area alone.

The cost for being a Featured YGK Event is just $100(With $20 going to charity), and it gets you the following:

Promotion on Sidebar:

In our Notable events of the Month listing, your event will be highlighted above all others with a featured image as shown below, highlighting the Skeleton Parks Arts Festival:


We receive approximately 15,000 people per month currently visiting YGKEvents.com from Kingston. Here are those stats:


Featured Listing on Calendar:

All promoted events also receive a premiere listing on our calendar. This means that your event will always be shown on the homepage of YGK Events. Note below with the Skeleton Park Arts Festival – it is displayed right at the top for every day that it is taking place on:


Social Promotion:

When you pay to promote an event, our social marketing department goes into overdrive to promote your event. We currently have over 4,000 followers socially and those numbers are growing by the day.

Here is what your promoted event will receive:

  1. 2 Facebook Posts
  2. 1 Boosted Facebook Post (Value $20)
  3. 3 Tweets
  4. 3 Google Plus Posts
  5. 2 Instagram Posts

All of these will be solely promoting your event. The boosted Facebook post is extremely valuable as it will reach all people in Kingston – not just the people who follow us. Here are just 2 examples of boosted posts and the traffic they received:


Supporting the Humane Society:

For every promoted event, we take $20 and donate it to the Kingston Humane Society. So not only are you getting your event promoted, but you’re also helping out the Kingston Humane Society, our personal favourite charity. Immediately upon receiving your money for the promoted event, we’ll donate the money and send you proof.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or want to pay for your event to be featured, you can e-mail site@YGKEvents.com or submit your event and note that you wish for it to be a featured event.

We accept payment via Interac E-Transfer, Paypal and Cheques and the cost is just $100 with $20 of that going towards a boosted Facebook post.