Total Acceptance: A Radical Approach to Happiness

Join us for “Total Acceptance: A Radical Approach to Happiness” on Saturday, October 21st, hosted by the Kuluta Buddhist Centre. This transformative half-day Buddhist meditation course will guide you on a journey to embrace acceptance, a state of mind that paves the way for genuine happiness and courage. As we navigate through the torrents of life’s unhappiness, anger, and conflict, this course will teach us to relate to these challenges with openness and creativity. Engage in thoughtful contemplation and guided meditations, unlocking the healing qualities of a mind filled with acceptance. Discover how to alleviate mental tension and stress, allowing your natural happiness to flourish as you integrate these practices into your daily life. Invest in your well-being and secure a place of peace within your mind for just $30. Embrace the path to total acceptance and let your happiness unfold.

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