Tom Greene Live

Kingston, prepare for a side-splitting tsunami as Canada’s comedy tsunami, Tom Green, descends upon our beloved Mansion on the 2nd of September. Remember to wear your best “stomach-stable” attire because laughing your guts out is a certified health hazard.

Green, who once sagely noted, “The important thing to remember is it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you’re having fun,” has clearly been having a whale of a time since his early MTV days. His hilarious antics, whether he’s “undercutting the undercutters” or painting his parents’ house in plaid, are remembered as iconic moments of comedy. Yes, indeed, his humor hits as stealthily as a ninja in the night, yet with the impact of an actual, flesh-and-blood rhinoceros.

The Mansion, known for hosting several memorable concerts and events, is bracing itself for the veritable comedy hurricane that is Tom Green. Having stood the test of time, The Mansion has seen talents come and go. But nothing, and we repeat, NOTHING, prepares you for the delightful lunacy of a Tom Green show.

Tom Green’s eccentricity is so wonderfully contagious that the World Health Organization might need to step in. His capacity to transform even the mundane into the riotously funny is akin to spinning comedy gold from flax. Tom is a comedian, true, but let’s call him what he really is—a national treasure, a comedy alchemist.

If his reputation precedes him, attendees can expect a healthy dose of surreal humor, impromptu raps, and maybe even a casual dash of social commentary. Because if there’s one thing Tom Green can do, it’s make us laugh while also making us think.

Oh, and a pro tip for the audience: try not to bring anything precious or breakable with you to the show. After all, Green is known for his uncontainable energy and the occasional prop-smashing.

So, Kingstonians, are you ready for the comedy spectacle of the year? Grab your tickets, hold onto your seats, and brace yourselves for an evening of unabashed laughter with Tom Green, our hilarious homeboy, at The Mansion.

And remember, as Green himself once said, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!” Just be sure to swap “ship” for “laughter,” and you’ll have the perfect mindset for September 2nd at The Mansion. Let the giggles begin!

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