Time of My Life

The Domino Theatre presents Time of My Life from January 19th to February 4th.

This comedy charts, chats, and chomps its way through the rise and fall of a middle-class family’s fortunes and relationships. As we dash through the past, present and future, the play suggests that living in the moment is the best time of all.

Businessman Gerry Stratton and his wife Laura are at their favourite Italian restaurant to celebrate Laura’s birthday with their sons Glyn and Adam and their partners. It’s a festive occasion, but there are undercurrents of trouble—with Gerry’s business, with the relationships within the family and with the sons’ own relationships.

Those issues become more apparent as the dinner progresses, post-dinner drinks arrive, the younger people leave. Then, the action branches out to show us both what happens next and what happened before, in a structural twist that is classic Ayckbourn.

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