Tim & The Glory Boys

Howdy folks! Dust off those cowboy boots and get ready to holler because The HOME-TOWN HOEDOWN Tour is galloping into town and it’s the exclusive bluegrass/country shindig your town has been yearning for! It’s a spirited night brimming with hearty laughs, harmonious singing, and invigorating boot-stomping. Tim & The Glory Boys are set to bring the house down with their unmissable “Canoegrass” sound, a seamless blend of bluegrass and rustic Canadian country, which has earned them a whopping four nominations at this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards including Album of the Year and Group of the Year. The band’s chart-topping hits from their new self-titled debut album are sure to get your hearts thumping and feet jumping. Be part of this unforgettable experience, the talk-of-the-town event this fall! But don’t dawdle – tickets are flying faster than a tumbleweed on the Saskatchewan plains. Grab yours now and join us in a hootin’, hollerin’ good time at the HOME-TOWN HOEDOWN Tour. Yeehaw!

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