30 year Anniversary Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trusts

The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trusts (TIWLT) cordially invites you to partake in its 30th Anniversary Celebration, set to take place on August 27th, 2023, at the enchanting Glen Elbe Farm. This event commemorates three decades of relentless dedication to the conservation and protection of the exquisite Thousand Islands watershed, get your Tickets Here. You must have them before the event.

Join us in honoring environmental champions, community leaders, and critical stakeholders who have contributed significantly to the success of TIWLT. Engage in enlightening conversations, understand the deep-rooted mission of TIWLT, revel in live music by River City Junction, and take part in an exciting auction hosted by the esteemed Mayor John Beddows.

The Thousand Islands watershed, a stunning geographical feature straddling the United States and Canada, is an unblemished marvel of nature. Blessed with diverse ecosystems, pristine waters, and mesmerizing landscapes, it has become a beloved locale for both residents and tourists. However, the watershed confronts mounting threats from escalating human activities and development, raising alarm for its ecological sustainability.

In 1993, the TIWLT was established as a nonprofit entity, spurred by a group of concerned citizens who envisioned the safeguarding of the Thousand Islands’ natural legacy for posterity. Over the past 30 years, the Trust has ardently pursued its mission to preserve the watershed’s distinctive habitats, rare species, and cultural heritage. Their strategic initiatives, encompassing land acquisition, conservation easements, and symbiotic partnerships, have been instrumental in protecting over 100 acres of vital land within the watershed.

The Trust’s momentous 30-year journey is a reflection of the steadfast commitment and support from our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors, volunteers, staff, and partners, whose invaluable contributions have played an integral role in protecting this natural gem. Our 30th Anniversary Celebration is not only a tribute to their dedication but also a clarion call for action to further environmental conservation.

The world needs more environmental heroes, as do the Thousand Islands. Join us as we celebrate past victories and look forward to a future of continued preservation and protection. Together, let us strive to safeguard the Thousand Islands, an irreplaceable part of our shared natural heritage.

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