The Princess Bride

Sadly, August 28th 2014 will be the last movie of the 2014s Movies in the Square.

Thankfully, they’re going out with a bang. This year the last movie to play will be The Prince Bride, a 1980s movie that has it all.

This movie is a classic, and it’s one that is loved by pretty much everything. Kids, parents, adults, anyone and everything – it really is the movie that has it all. It’s had a place in IMDBs Top 250 list for years.

The movie hooks you right from the beginning, and just everything about it is so good. It’s one of those movies most of you have seen – yet will want to see it again.

So do just that. Grab your lawn chairs, head to Springer Market Square on dusk on Thursday, August 28th and say goodbye to Movies in the Square in style – with The Princess Bride.

If you’ve never seen it – the trailer below doesn’t do it justice. Trust me on that.

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