The Juvenis Festival

The Juvenis Festival is an excellent Youth Arts Festival taking place in Kingston as part of National Youth Week.

the full schedule is linked below at the Juvenis Festival website but here are just some of the things happen:

May 1st: Initially/(Unconditionally) at the Baby Grand
May 2nd: Band Aid Theatre at the Tett Centre, Free Move Night at the Screening Room
May 3rd: KFPL Youth Shorts (Short films made by local teens), Heathers at the Grand Theatre (Based on the classic 80s movie)
May 4-8: [Title of Show], a one act musical comedy.
May 4th: Rapid Reel 48 Hour Film Contest.
May 5th: Encore Saxophone Quartet, The Poetry Show
May 6th: Battle of the Bands at the Ale House
May 7th-8th: The Sam Shephard Series

And there’s so much more to this excellent event as well as many workshops like Parkour Workshops, Breakdancing Workshops and more.

See the entire listing at

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