The Isabel Voices Present Considering Matthew Shepard

The Isabel Voices, an innovative vocal ensemble, is proud to present an unforgettable event titled “Considering Matthew Shepard.” Set to take place on Friday, February 16, 2024, at 7:30 pm, this deeply moving fusion oratorio promises to be a transformative experience for all in attendance.

The oratorio delves into the life, legacy, and tragic death of Matthew Shepard, a young man whose story shook the nation and brought attention to the urgent need for compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Through the remarkable talents of acclaimed soloists, innovative staging, and an 8-piece ensemble, the composition captures the complexities of Matthew’s life and the anguish of his untimely passing.

Matthew Shepard’s story is a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of hate and prejudice on society. The composition does not shy away from the intense themes surrounding his death, including the direct quotations of bigoted words from Westboro Baptist Church members who picketed his funeral. As such, the audience is respectfully warned of strong language, ensuring they are emotionally prepared for the journey of emotions this piece will evoke.

“Considering Matthew Shepard” serves not only as a tribute to Matthew’s memory but also as a call to action. It challenges us to reflect on the power of love, empathy, and the urgency of social change. The oratorio reminds us that we must strive to create a world that celebrates diversity and embraces understanding, where no individual is subjected to discrimination based on who they are or whom they love.

The Isabel Voices is at the forefront of embracing connection and collaboration through the power of vocal music. With curated annual concert seasons at the esteemed Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, they create performances that resonate deeply with communities. By spotlighting traditionally underrepresented groups and championing the creation of new work, The Isabel Voices take a stand in fostering an inclusive and diverse musical landscape.

As audience members, we are in for a profound experience on February 16, 2024. “Considering Matthew Shepard” promises to be a musical journey that stirs our hearts and minds, leaving us inspired to make a difference in our world.

Join The Isabel Voices and be part of this transformative evening, where music becomes a vehicle for change, compassion, and hope. Let us come together to honor Matthew Shepard’s memory and affirm our commitment to a more empathetic and understanding society. Tickets are available for purchase, and this is one event you wouldn’t want to miss.

Together, we can embrace the power of music and contribute to positive social change, one note at a time.

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