The Canadian Guitar Festival

It’s the 11th season of the Canadian Guitar Festival, and it takes place over July 24 weekend.

If you are a music fan, this is a festival not to be missed. There is an excellent selection of artists for the 11th year of this event, featuring the likes of Don Ross, Ed Gerhard, Michael Manring and more. Oh so many more.

It begins on Friday, July 24th at 7pm with Bob McAlipine. DB3 then closes the show at 11pm with various artists in between.

July 25th begins at 11am with a Matt Woodward Workshop followed by open mic. Then we have the likes of Eric Turnbull, John Ainsworth and of course Don Ross.

Sunday, July 26th has the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition.

The full schedule is available on the website linked below where you can buy tickets. Prices vary but for adults are:

Friday Day Pass: $30
Saturday Day Pass: $35
Sunday Day Pass: $35
Weekend Pass: $75
Weekend Camping Pass: $125

And prices for teenagers are approximately half of the above.

It takes place at Loughborough Lake Holiday Park which is a few K north of Kingston.

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