The Bystander Game

We called it the Great Earthquake that shocked the world. Yet, we are present when reconstruction is raging.

Buxiang, whose name means “Unknown” in Mandarin, decides to enter the ruins of the earthquake to discover the truth in order to write a better exam essay about the reconstruction. However, it is overwhelming for Buxiang to find out that not everything they have read before is real. More have been buried by the disaster or a grand narrative under a gigantic ideology. How do we deal with the substantial internal sadness when empathy becomes seemingly futile?

The Bystander Game, an awarded play by Xuanyi Hu, strives to provide a framework for how an individual recognizes and talks about a disaster when they never experienced it before. Staging it in a post-COVID era, Yu Theatre continues to explore how to live with a world of catastrophe and how to become a better bystander.

The Bystander Game will be performed in Mandarin with surtitles in English, in the Baby Grand Theatre.

Please note that all audience members are expected to move during the performance to better engage with the content. Ten chairs are provided per show, and other unconventional seating will be available (cushions, boxes, mattresses, etc.). Chairs are available on a first come, first needed basis.

The performance is only suitable for audiences who are 15+ due to the language and nudity.

February 12 / 2:00 PM
February 12 / 7:30 PM
February 13 / 7:30 PM
February 16 / 7:30 PM
February 17 / 7:30 PM
February 18 / 2:00 PM
February 18 / 7:30 PM

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