Super Smash Bros 4 Tournament

On July 31st, 2015 be sure to head over to the Peachtree Inn located at 1187 Princess Street and show off your Super Smash Bros 4 skills.

This tournament, entitled Kings Never Die: Smash 4 Singles and presented by Kingston Smash Presents should be a good event.

All of the details are at the Facebook page with a breakdown of all of the rules. Prize money goes to the people who finish in the top 4, with the 50/30/15/5 rule. There’ll be 2 stock, 6 minute timer and the starters for the stagelist are Battlefield, Lylat Cruise, Town and City, Final Destination and Smashville.

There are also counter picks of Dreamland, Delfino Plaza, Duck Hunt and Albert.

If you are using a Mii, their moveset must be 1/1/1/1 with the default size obviously.

They are also looking for equipment – if you bring some you get a discount on entry. For more details see the Facebook event page linked below.

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