Storefront Festival 2016

As part of the 2016 Kick & Push Festival, we also have the very first Storefront Festival.

This will take place from July 15th-July 23rd, 2016 with a ton of great events. The venues for it are my favourite part – one is at 259 Princess St which is where Indigo Books was. Another is at 226 Queen St which is where Blockbuster video was. And the final venue is 177 Princess St – which used to be XO Lounge. Cool to see these venues getting some use!

You have performances like:

– Mary’s Wedding. A play which takes place the night before Mary’s wedding, and takes us on a journey about first love and over the years of World War I.
– World Idol Superstar. A performance about the season finale of World idol Superstar featuring finalists who didn’t exactly work hard to get there.
– Abra-Cadaver. A mock-umentary which is about the actors whose jobs are playing dead on the stage. This is a comedy and promises to be hilarious!

Other shows are:

– Ravish Me
– Women Who Shout At the Stars
– The Bucket
– Anybody Can be Pussy Riot
– My Silly Yum!
– Fake Nerd Girl
– Cul-De-Sac
– 3rd Person
– Social Medium: A Short Term Self Evaluation
– New & Used
– Danny, King of the Basement

As you can see there is an absolute TON of great events. See the website linked below for details on the exact times it’s a brochure. You can also buy tickets at the Grand Theatre.

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