Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Concert

Whether you’re a Star Treck fan or a symphony fan – the K-Rock Centre is your destination on February 27th, 2016. And if you like both? Then bloody perfect!

The reason for that is Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Concert Tour is coming to town. It’s a live symphony orchestra, and is a CineConcerts production. They have did similar successful shows for the likes of The Godfather and Gladiator, and this should be fantastic.

The music is played featuring music from practically all of the Star Trek shows, while a huge screen plays footage in HD. The conductor for this is Justin Freer.

Tickets begin at $45, with $125 the maximum you can pay. Other prices are $62.50, $72.50 and $95. All prices listed are before tax.

The event takes place Saturday, February 27th with doors opening at 7pm. The actual concert begins at 8pm.

Let’s hope they give her all they’ve got.

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