Sparrow Blue Live In Concert

Catch Sparrow Blue Live: An Unmissable Rock & Roll Experience

Sparrow Blue, the band that’s redefined the sound of classic Rock & Roll, is about to land at The Merchant in Kingston on September 8th, and believe us, you won’t want to miss this!

Formed in the vibrant town of St. Albert, AB, Canada, Sparrow Blue comprises a powerhouse ensemble: the dynamic vocals of Des Parks, the mesmerizing guitar solos of Jon Dombroski and Chad Plamondon, the heart-thumping beats of Liam Holm on drums, the intricate rhythms of Russell McCann on percussion, and the electrifying basslines of Caden Doyle. Together, they’ve forged a sound they proudly call “Real Thick Rock & Roll,” and it’s every bit as captivating as it sounds.

Drawing inspiration from legendary rock titans like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, and Mountain, Sparrow Blue’s music is an exhilarating blend of the past and the present. Their high-octane performances are a testament to their sheer talent and the intense energy they bring to the stage. And let’s face it, with a list of influences like that, how could they go wrong?

But it’s not just about the classics. Sparrow Blue has held their own, sharing the stage with a who’s who of rock greats – from The Sheepdogs and Default to The Watchmen and Wide Mouth Mason. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch them live, you’ll remember the fire they ignited at events like the Together Again Music Festival and Edmonton Rock Fest.

And now, fresh out of their newly minted studio, “The Blue Room”, they’re bringing an array of new tracks to the fore. Their hard-hitting song “Delta, Red” showcased a band at the top of its game, defying tour restrictions to deliver unforgettable music. Now, their latest single, “Don’t Tell Me Nothin'”, is setting the stage (and airwaves) alight, heralding the start of their Canada-wide “Outta The Nest 2023” tour.

Kingston, brace yourselves! When Sparrow Blue rolls into The Merchant Tap House, you’re in for a night of unadulterated rock glory. Dive into the music, let the melodies take hold, and be prepared to be swept off your feet by the storm that is Sparrow Blue.

So, are you ready to rock out with one of Canada’s most exciting bands? Mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and get ready to experience the electrifying world of Sparrow Blue, live and loud. It’s a concert you’ll be talking about for years to come. The nest is open, and Sparrow Blue is ready to soar!

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