Sō Percussion with “Shodekeh” Talifero

Sō Percussion is your guide for intriguing journeys to new worlds of sound. The adventurous percussion group is joined by groundbreaking beatboxer Dominic “Shodekeh” Talifero. The contemporary music program will include a diverse range of repertoire from contemporary “classics” to new works in an “exhilarating blend of precision and anarchy, rigor and bedlam” (The New Yorker).

With innovative multi-genre original productions and sensational interpretations of modern classics, Sō Percussion has redefined the scope and role of the modern percussion ensemble, placing it at the leading edge of 21st-century music. “Through a mix of consummate skill and quirky charm, this mercurial quartet has helped ignite an explosive new enthusiasm for percussion music old and new” (The New York Times) Sō Percussion members include Eric Cha-Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Silwinski, and Jason Treuting, who was featured as an artist on Taylor Swift’s albums “Evermore” and “Folklore.”

Shodekeh has made tremendous musical strides as a highly adept beatboxer, vocal percussionist, and breath artist who pushes the boundaries of the human voice within and outside the context of Hip Hop music and culture. In 2021, he was the first professional breath artist and beatboxer to present a compositional work at the legendary Carnegie Hall.

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