Slimebone City 2nd Annual Horror Film Festival

It was a big hit last time around, and we’re happy to announce that the Horror Film Festival is coming back to Kingston!

The 2nd annual Slimebone City Horror Film Festival takes place over October 8th through October 11th, 2014.

The festival features movies like Black Christmas, Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead, Asmodexia and Ejecta.

All of the film screenings will take place at the Screening Room…..sorry, the SCREAMING Room, at 120 Princess Street.

This is going to be a great event you don’t want to miss out on if you like horror movies. It’s a fantastic atmosphere. You can buy tickets for each showing at $10, or do the VIP Festival Pass which is $66.60 for all 9 movies.

Be sure to check the website below for all the details.

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