SLC Community Connections: Fostering Growth and Opportunities

Have you ever wondered how St. Lawrence College (SLC) can benefit your business? On Thursday, September 21, from 7:30 to 9:30 am, the college invites you to “SLC Community Connections,” a compelling event where you’ll have the unique chance to learn directly from St. Lawrence College President and CEO Glenn Vollebregt and a host of his esteemed colleagues. This enlightening session promises insights on how the college can be instrumental in the growth of your business, avenues to attract fresh talent, and the possibilities to connect and collaborate with SLC students.

The event won’t just be about hearing; it will also be about learning and taking tangible steps. Along with enlightening discussions, attendees will benefit from a panel comprising SLC leaders and community partners who will share their first-hand experiences of collaborating with the college and its vibrant student community. Furthermore, if you’re exploring funding opportunities, this event will open doors to various options. The cherry on the cake? Participants will depart with a handy list of “action items” to help them harness the potential of their learnings. Plus, kick-start your day with a complimentary light breakfast! Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to forge strong community ties and leverage the college’s resources to elevate your business.

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