Skeleton Park Arts Festival

The 2016 Skeleton Park Arts Festival takes place in June 2016. Specifically it is from June 22nd to June 26th.

This is a great event which takes place every year in Kingston. The main festivities take place in Skeleton Park on the weekend but the event also extends to other venues as well.

The biggest days of the event are the Saturday and Sunday with so much going on those days, although there is some cool things going on the other days as well.

Here’s the breakdown:

Wednesday, June 22nd: Central Public School hosts a Morning Dance Party, and then in Doug Fluhrer Park theres a free concert and BBQ featuring Lost Cousins.

Thursday, June 23rd: At the Artillery Park Pool there’s Live Music Aqua Fitness.

Friday, June 24th: At Skeleton Park there is free Yoga classes in the morning and then a concert and outdoor film screening.

Saturday, June 25th: So much going on. Kids games, live music featuring the likes of Sloan and David Francey, a square dance, food and so much more.

Sunday, June 26th: More great fun at Skeleton Park including workshops, Artisans Fair and live music with the likes of the Silver Hearts. There’s then a Porch Jazz Parade in the area.

For all the details plus a map of the festival check out the Skeleton Park website linked below.

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